Friday, August 6, 2010

World Cat Day 2010 - Aug 8

Sunday is World Cat Day! Since we have had cats of all colors and shapes, we are going to let you in on some neat cat color trivia.........

Did you know the first litter of purebred white kittens was born in A.D. 999 in the Impress Palace in Kyoto Japan? The cat loving emperor Ichijo was delighted and ordered the cats to be treated like princesses.

Did you know many tabbies have a clear "M" shaped marking on the forehead? Legend has it that this is the signature of Mohammed who marked his blessing on his tabby cat Muezza after it saved his life by killing a snake?

Tortoiseshell cats are regarded as lucky in many countries including Scotland, Ireland and Canada. In Japan, tortie and whites are considered to be particularly lucky and are called Mi-Ke. Fisherman like to have these cats aboard to protect from storms.

Black cats during the Medieval days were considered unlucky but it wasn't always that way. In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Bastet was worshipped in the form of a lean, short haired black cat and sometimes as a female human with the head of a cat.One of the most popular deities of that time, she was a benevolent Goddess and the domestic cat was the animal most sacred to her. So sacred that harming a cat carried the price of execution. In mythology, Bastet was a deity who possessed nine incarnations - which may explain the concept of cats having nine lives.

Cats give us so much - they captivate us with their beauty, make us laugh with their antics, give us companionship when we are lonely, snuggle with us while we watch TV, keep our houses free of mice - our lives are enriched by their presence in our homes. Do something special for your cat, your neighbor's cats or the cats at the local shelter. Give them back a little of what they give us. Have a Happy World Cat Day!

Go visit and join in at Camera Critters and Bozo's for Pet Pride - we did!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forever Friday with Katie

Katie is two years old and a sweet, outgoing girl wanting to be part of any and everything going on in the house. Since arriving in foster care she has discovered that playing with cats other than her sister, Taffy, can be great fun.

Katie has proven quite tolerant of dogs even if they're a little annoying. Her gregarious nature would make her a good fit for any home, including those with younger children.

Katie arrived in rescue when her family was no longer able to keep her because of pet restrictions. Katie is adoptable through a great organization called Alley Cats and Angels in the Raleigh area of NC. What makes them unique is that they will rescue feral cats and find homes for them. Let's help them find a great forever home for Katie! Share this on Facebook or Twitter!

Beautiful black Bella from the Asheville Humane Society was adopted. Another one off to her forever home!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Sorry Mom hasn't posted since last week - she has not been feeling well and had an appointment on Monday with a out of state holistic doctor to see if he can help her with her breathing issues (allergies and asthma). She had lots of paperwork to fill out and type up for him. The regular doctors didn't have anything new she could try except taking more prednisone - not a good thing for long periods of time. Her new doctor has given her a single homeopathic remedy to try so we will see. He was highly recommended by our holistic vets who Mom swears by. We will keep you posted on how things go.

We are all fine - no big news to report. It is still hot here but we did get some cooler foggy weather over the weekend. Same old same old - just napping, eating and watching goats TV!

Oh yeah - Chica has a new thing now - whenever she wants to eat or some water she sits next to Mom and swats her leg with her paw, over and over until Mom finally gives in. Kinda spoiled, don't ya think?

We will stop by and catch up with you all over the next few days! Thanks for coming by to see us. Happy Wednesday!



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