Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day to Mamacita and Rosa

Rosa on left and me on right

Mamacita here today Friday Sept 27, to host our 8th Gotcha Day Party!  I am most likely 9 years old and Rosa is 8 this year. We are two happy kitties - Rosa is my daughter and we are the best of friends.  On our special day we would like to remember our dear Manny, Rosa's brother, who passed in 2007 of a urinary blockage and we miss him every day.

I am on the far right, then Rosa and our beloved Manny.

Rosa and Manny after being spayed/neitered

Rosa napping with Georgie

Me and Rosa helping Mom with laundry!

Enjoy some pics of us in our younger years. Make sure you sample the goodies - cake, tuna appetizers and niptinis! We do appreciate your friendship and we are so very happy you came by today to help us celebrate!



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