Friday, December 6, 2013

Sweet Dreams Yoko

April 1993 - December 2013

Even tho things looked like they had stabilized for Yoko this week, last night and today she was having trouble swallowing her food and water.  The tumor in her mouth was growing rapidly. Often she would gag after trying to eat.   Rather than wait until this got any worse we chose to help her to the Bridge this afternoon.

This is so hard - last year we had our Christmas card made up showing an old photo of Chica and Yoko and my husband and I, in Florida 19 years ago side by side with a photo of all four of us in 2012.  Here it is, not quite a  year later, and both dear kitties are gone along with our Joey who left on Dec 7, 2012.   I must have known somehow that it was the end of an era.

We got Yoko as a kitten at the local shelter  to keep Chica company but Chica would have none of it. Yoko was the only cat we have had since she was a kitten.  All the others came to us at six month or older. Yoko was tiny and her eyes were still blue but grew to a big ladycat of hefty size.  Her feet seemed so big but she grew into them.

She was our Buddha cat - doing everything very slowly, methodically and focused.  She ate deliberately, savoring and chewing every bite.  She even made biscuits slowly, with her eyes closed in a blissed out state of contentment.  Being with her, taught us patience - to sit, and not rush around, to be still and savor each moment.
Yoko in one of Judi-bug's hats

 Her disposition was quiet and gentle altho living with Chica picking on her so much, Yoko learned to growl menacingly if she did not want to do something.  It kept Chica at bay and as we took in more cats, Yoko mellowed out with age, even grooming the other youngsters.

She favored my husband over me.  He could get her to do anything but I would  get the growl if I tried to give her a pill, clip her claws, etc. while Don could do all that without a peep out of her.  She loved to lay on his chest with her paws on each shoulder and her body stretched out full length down his like a fur tie!

She preferred to make snug hideaways in piles of blankets, laundry or bedding.  Once I picked up a pile of dirty laundry to put in the washer and I knew she was in it even tho I couldn't see her - it was very heavy.  Sure enough she had curled up inside the clothes.

Even since she was a tiny kitten, she loved the Christmas lights on the tree - she would sit on the floor or chair next to the tree and just stare into it for long periods of time.  She enjoyed the unwrapping of gifts and would make the discarded paper another place to make a snug bed.

We buried her on our land with a bouquet of fresh pansies and the Santa hat all the kitties are wearing in this year's Christmas card - Yoko will forever be our Christmas kitty. We will see you soon at the Rainbow Bridge Yoka Doke!

Thank you all for your kind words of support thru this wild week.  I could not have done it without you.  I may take a bit of time off from blogging and Facebook but not too long. We have other kitties to tell their tales.

Thank you Ann of Zoolatry for this lovely forever badege.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thank You from Yoko

Mom told me how many peeps and kitties are purring for me all over the world!  I am so grateful for all of you.  I had a rough day on Monday when we went to the vet. I got very upset and even pooped and threw up in my PTU on the way home!  (Sorry Mom)  Mom had to give me one the the pain meds that night. But I haven't needed them since.

Mom made me a special place on the chair in the living room so I can be snuggled  and warm to rest.  She even put the Christmas tree up and put the lights on it cuz she knows how much I love to sit and look at the lights.  I guess she will finish decorating it this weekend.  I can't wait.

I have been eating and getting around fine - yesterday I even roamed  the house a bit after I used the litter box and made biscuits on my bed.  Mom took a video of that which she will post another day.

Last night I got up on Mom and Pop's bed after I had my fluids and wanted to stay there.  I had not been back to that spot since I went to the vet.  I slept with my peeps all night and even woke Pop up at 7am like I always do.  He carries me into the kitchen and gives me a snack while he makes the coffee.  I am Pop's girl!

I am not sure how long I will be feeling OK.  You can see how the right side of my mouth is swollen from the nasty tumor.  I am just not ready to go to the Bridge yet so Mom will wait and see how I do in  the coming week. As long as I can eat and seem to be fairly comfy, I want to be here.  Please keep those purrs coming cuz I know they are helping me.  Thank you with all my heart for caring about me. Mom has been very busy caring for me but she will be by to visit you all over the weekend!

All my love,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Model Monday with Yoko (And Purrs Please)

Dec 3 UPDATE - We have some pain meds to give Yoko if she seems uncomfortable or agitated.  We gave her some last night and she slept well.  The tumor is in her jaw bone and is growing rapidly.  She can still breathe comfortably and is eating.  I am giving her lots of anti-cancer herbs and nutrients in a bit of Catsip to help her feel comfy as long as possible.  The vet seemed to think we only had days left so we will savor each moment until it is time for her to go to the Bridge.  I know Joey and Chica are with her now and will guide her in this transition.  Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and friendship.  We lvoe you all.

Dec 2 UPDATE - not good.  It is what I suspected - a rapidly growing mass under her jaw and already pushing up under her tongue. Nothing they can do for her. I do not want her to suffer but other than the lump, she is eating well, and perky, alert etc. This will be hard to know when to let her go before she is too far along. All we can do is love her and make her comfortable until we know her time is near.  Keep us in your thoughts.

 Mom took these two shots of me for her 365 photo project one day when I was looking out the window watching bird TV.  I have to go to the V-E-T today cuz I have a lump on my lower jaw.  It came fast since I was at the V-E-T a couple of months ago and Mom is very worried.   I feel OK tho, considering my CRF and hyper thyroid.  We will let you know how it goes at the V-E-T.

Please send purrs for me and for our friend Brian from Brian's Home blog whose sister Gracie is in the hospital and all the other kitties are sick too.



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