Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday with Sweetpea

Me living in the bathroom till I tamed down.
 Mom has been very lazy this week and has not even done a Wordless Wednesday post - how bad is that?  So I hijacked the blog and will show some pics of me  when I first came to live in the house.  This was back in the original house in the high mountains of NC.

It was  the winter of 1999-2000 and we had just had a huge snowstorm.  All of us kitties found a nice warm place to weather it out but we were gone for a few days and our Mom-to-be was very worried about us, especially me cuz I was young and little.  When we all showed up again at the shelter/feeding station, Mom was so happy and relieved that we were all accounted for but that was when she decided to bring me inside.

Me after I was a bit friendlier - I looked better already.

I was pretty wild, my fur was matted and my skin was not in great shape.  The vet had to sedate me to examine me and told the humans to bathe me while I was out - the only chance they would have.  They did bathe me in the bathroom sink - I could see them but could not fight to stop this horrific thing from happening.  I do admit I felt so much better when I was all dried off and clean and fluffy.

Mom used lavender tea on my skin patches - I had spots of grayish rough skin all over.  Pretty soon the spots healed up and I looked super if I may say so myself.  And the rest is history!

Me, now, all growed up!



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