Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Pop and Marg walking back from the barn
 A few weeks ago Mom and Pop went to visit our buddy Marg (from Marg's Animals) and got to meet Dee (from TK and Pip) too  The saw the donkeys, kitties and Ande and then all the peeps went to a long lunch nearby.  It was a fun day and we enjoyed meeting Dee.  Here are some pics of Marg's animals.  Can you tell us who is who in the pics?

Ande keeps her eyes shut in hte bright sun!

Do you know who this is?

How about this cute kitty?

Guess this lovely cat's name.

Who is this cute donkey?
We are so very thankful for the friendship of our blog buddies like Marg and Dee.  We all share our love of animals and blogging about them.  Life is so much more interesting with all of you in it!  Have a great day!

Mahoney was very curious about Mom's fancy camera!

The answers  - Missy is the tortie, Maggie is the tabby and the darker donkey with the white nose is Joe with the other being Smoke

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!

We want to thank all the vets out there who serve and have served our country.  Our Pop served in the Navy fresh out of high school.  This is the only pic Mom could find.  He looks so young, doesn't he? His father, our Grandpop also served in the military too.

We have some news.  After a week of being offline we are finally back on but still have no land line phone!  Very frustrating.  But that is not the big news....A week ago Mom was coming out of work at night and a tiny cat was out in the parking lot running up to everyone.  Most people just ignored her but Mom talked to the kitty and she came right over and let Mom pick her up.  She was a tiny girl calico with white feet and chest and huge white whiskers.

Mom put her in the car and texted Pop to get the cat carrier ready when she got home. She was worried the kitty would try to escape but there was no problem.  Pop put the carrier in the back seat while Mom held the cat.  She went right into the carrier without a fuss.

She is living with us right now.  The local no-kill shelter is very full but they did scan her and the kitty has a microchip with the number of another local no-kill rescue.  They gave Mom the name and number of the person who adopted the kitty.

Turns out she was born in 2006, making her an older cat.  Her name then was Priscilla and she was adopted in 2007 to an older woman in Asheville, NC.  Mom called both phone numbers on the adoption sheet but one was no longer in service and the other was a cell number that may not be the same person after six yeas.  Anyway no one called back and the area code was Alaska so that won't help much!

She is very sweet, easy to be around and likes to be petted.  We think someone may have dumped her in the area of the hotel since all the houses nearby are large expensive homes. The local address for her 2007 adopter is quite far from the hotel and this kitty is not used to being outdoors.  The hotel does have a resident feral cat group living in the area so maybe someone thought Priscilla will be able to fend for herself.

Mom renamed her Callie Calico and if we don't find her human, we may keep her unless someone out there wants this beauty.  We have lots of kitties to care for and she might like to be with a smaller group to get more attention.  Anyone???

Happy Veterans Day to all our vets.  Thank you for coming to Snowball's Gotcha Day party.  We all had a great time! We will be catching up on visits after a week away!



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