Friday, March 4, 2011

After the Party

Thank you all for stopping by for Mom's birthday commentathon for Marg's Pets.  We got 99 comments from both our blog and on Facebook so Mom rounded it up to 100 even.  This means we raised $55. for Marg!!!!  Very appropriate since it was Mom's 55th birthday! Thanks guys.

Mom had a great day.  When she went out to the cat shelter to feed the white kitties Pop had decorated the place with banners and signs with Mom's gifts out there.

The kitties were a bit freaked out with all the decorations.  Some were trying to get into the cabinet. Snowball was hiding under the chair - he is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner but the decorations undid him!  Silly boy.

Pop got mom some fancy chocolates form a local store and a handmade wood heart of recycled materials from the Gallery where Mom works.

She had wanted this heart but came in one day and it was gone - sold.  Pop bought it but no one let on that he had it.  Mom was so upset it was gone and was she surprised that Pop had gotten it for her.  Mom loves art and handmade items from the local area.

Kitty book mark and pen from UK!

She got lots of goodies from friends and coworkers.  Pop took her for a day trip too - to a town they had visited 15 years ago when they were trying to decide where in NC to move to.  It was a cute town but kinda expensive.  They had lunch and drove on a scenic drive past lots of waterfalls!  The road was curvy and narrow with a rock cliff on one side and a huge drop on the other with just a guard rail!  Scary but fun too.

We were all glad they came home safe and sound to be with us.  (W were worried supper was gonna be late)  It was a great day for all and thank you for your part in it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom's Birthday Commentathon for Marg's Pets

It's me, Chica, reporting today.  Mom's Birthday is March 3 and we will be having a commentathon starting the evening of March 2 through midnight March 3 to celebrate.  Since Mom will be 55 this year, she will donate 55 cents for every comment to Marg for vet bills and care of her wonderful dogs, cats and donkeys. Go to Marg's Pets to see all of her beloved critters. Cat Blogosphere is already hosting an auction to help her with expenses so do stop by Furriends in Need and make a bid on some fantastic items before the auction ends on March 4.

NEWSFLASH  The OK Cats have asked if they can make a matching donation to Marg's Pets and we said heck yes.  So for every comment we get, they will make a donation too so keep those comments comming!

Mom can move into a place like this and have fun playing bingo!

With the information out of the way let us begin with the entertainment!  Turning 55 is a millstone for Mom - she can live in a Retirement Community if she wants to and get a senior discount at a lot of places!  Oh boy!!!  She is old, isn't she?

Back in 1956, the year she was born, black and white TVs just hit the marketplace, the President was Eisenhower and Elvis was new on the music charts releasing his first record Heartbreak Hotel.  Look at how cheap things were back then....

Costs for items in 1956
  • House $11,000
  • Income $4-5000
  • Rent $88.00 a month
  • New Car $2,000
  • Milk  97 cents a gallon
  • Gas 23 cents a gallon
  • Bread 18 cents a loaf
  • Postage Stamps 5 cents each
  • Eggs 45 cents a dozen

    Mom Cheri hiking - not so old huh?

      She doesn't feel old and she has good company - Bo Derek, the hottie from the movie 10 is 55 this year along with magician David Copperfield, actor Tom Hanks, musician Kenny G and tennis player Martina Navratilova. 

      We found this great YouTube video of a birthday cake with 55 candles on it!  If you can't take the heat, step away from the flames!  If you can't view it go here. Help yourself to the cake, ice cream and catnip treats for all the kitties! Have fun!

      We will leave you with this great tune "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar!  (If you can't view this go here.) Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Let the comments begin!



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