Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweetpea Reorganzing the Drawer

Mom never puts the clothes away so I can find what I want!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday with Ivy and Joe

It has turned cold again outside and Mom had to close the windows and turn on the heater. We are thankful we have a nice warm spot in front of the heater. Joe keeps trying to slide in front of me but I keep him in line by cleaning him...then I get the best spot when he zonks out! Bye for now from Ivy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yoko's Story

Little by little I am working down the list of cats to give you an insider's view to each of their lives.

Yoko, named because of her unique singing voice, was supposed to be a puppy! For Mother's Day 16 years ago my husband took me to the shelter to pick out a puppy. We already had Chica and thought another pet would be good for her. Of course on that day we visited, the shelter had NO puppies or even young dogs. So we wandered over to the cat section where a staff member was cleaning cages. She handed my husband a tiny tabby. It was love at first sight for those two...and this was supposed to be my gift.

Long story short, we took the tabby home, naming her Yoko. She was a very curious feisty little girl. But, Chica hated her...I am sure Chica wanted to be the only cat in the household and was completely insulted we brought Yoko home.

We kept the two cats separated from each other with a glass door between them. Chica watched as Yoko played and ran around in her room while growling at her the whole time. Finally, after a week or two of this, I noticed Chica playing with Yoko on her side of the glass - a good sign. Time to try to introduce them. With supervision, they finally tolerated each other. Although Yoko learned to find high or really obscure hiding places to get away from Chica and have some quiet time.

Chica would just look at Yoko and that would be enough to send Yoko off to one of her hiding places. Not the best situation but we gave Yoko lots of love and attention to make up for Chica's coldness.

As we added cats to the household, Yoko got more and more relaxed. The sheer numbers made Chica less focused on her. Still other cats would single her out as easily intimidated. The only one that Yoko would fuss at was me. Maybe she was still mad at me for bringing her to live with Chica. She growls and hisses at me for the least little thing but when my husband comes to the rescue, Yoko is a sweet little dear who would never behave like that. She is truly "Daddy's little girl".

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Darby's Day...Not!

Thank you for the Gotcha Day wishes...but my Gotcha Day is actually next week on the 17th...St. Patrick's Day. My Mom looked for a nice Irish name for me and came up with Darby!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yoko's Balancing Act

Yoko has taken up residence in the back bedroom which I use for stacking extra totes and stuff I don't need right now.

I came in to check on her and found her balancing on top of this pile. I don't know how Yoko got up on top without knocking it all over!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Joey's Sunday Bed Making

I love helping Mom make the sheets feel so good...I bet she won't find me under here...uh oh, she found out my new hidy place!



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