Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome to the "Mice Bucket Challenge" for Mamacita and Rosa's Gotcha Day!


Nine years ago on this day, we took in feral cat Mamacita and her two kittens Rosa and Angel Manny (he died at age 2 years of a kidney issue) to live the good life indoors.  The decision was made due to the advanced URI the kittens both had at the time - very swollen eyes and face and breathing issues.  Many feral kittens do not survive URIs due to lack of medical care.


In honor of this special 9th Gotcha Day for our gals, we are doing a "Mice Bucket Challenge" with Callie volunteering to be the recipient of the mice bucket dump!  Mamacita and Rosa are far too timid to do it - having mice dumped on them while being filmed would traumatize them for weeks!  They have come along way in being tamed but still after nine years are the least tamed of all the cats.

Mamacita and Rosa - always together

In the "Mice Bucket Challenge", the goal aside from getting a bucket of mice dumped on you, is to make a donation to a shelter to help homeless animals. Because we know how hard it is financially and emotionally to care for many animals,  we will make a donation to a super local rescue called Boxer Butts and Other Mutts  (their Facebook page )  who pull dogs and cats that are senior, handicapped or with medical issues from nearby high kill animal shelters to give them love, care and a foster home until they can be placed in a forever home.  Mom found this group last winter when she was trying to help a senior boxer in our neighborhood who was living outside during a very cold winter.  Heidi, the operator of Boxer Butts offered to pay for medical assistance if the boxer needed it and suggested Mom stop by saying they could help with a donated igloo, food and straw for the dog.  Mom did this with the help of Pop and a friend.  The owner accepted the donations and the boxer was able to have a warm dry place outside for the winter.  They also took her inside on really cold nights.


Boxer Butts and their operator Heidi, can always use more followers to their Facebook page and donations to help care for their ongoing rescues. They do help cats too - Titan is a black kitten who was thrown fro a moving car and sustained a head injury because of that. He is coming along with care and love.  Sadly, Heidi recently learned her own dog, Anna, who was a rescue a few years ago, has bone cancer.  Anna is not a good candidate for surgery or chemo due to her age and her arthritis, so her days are numbered.  Heidi, true to form, has set up a "Bucket List for Anna" to fill her remaining days with fun new things to experience before it is time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  In the spirit of "Paying It Forward" for Anna's last birthday in October, she is asking for donations to the local  shelter.  If you are so inclined to donate any amount please send with a card to to - Anna Schermerhorn-Wagner, 108 Schermerhorn Way, Arden, NC 28704.  Or use PayPal to make a donation, noting it is for Anna's Birthday on their home web page.

So...without further ado, here is our Callie taking on the "Mice Bucket Challenge"......

If you can't view the video here - then go to Youtube here.

We hope you enjoyed our Gotcha Day "Mice Bucket Challenge" for Mamacita and Rosa.  Since many of you already have done this challenge - just share our post in hopes that others will donate to Boxer Butts for Anna's last birthday.  Thank you for stopping by!!!



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