Friday, August 8, 2014

Feral Flash Back Friday with Sweetpea

This is kinda a before and after post with me Sweetpea hosting.  Mom trapped  me as a feral kitten living with a colony of cats in the woods behind her house and brought me to live indoors.  She was scared I would not live through the winter that year,  especially after the whole group disappeared for days after a cold and snowy day.    We must have found a warmer place to go 'cuz we all showed up again in a few days but Mom was sooo very worried about us especially me "cuz I was so tiny.

I lived in the  bathroom for a few weeks until I got used to being handled and petted.  The vet had to sedate me to examine me and told Mom to bathe me quick while I was still out like a light.  I guess I was dirty, full of mats and had a skin condition.   I was fierce even though I was small.  Bit by bit I got better behaved and was allowed out to meet Angel Chica and Angel Yoko who were a bit older than me.

This is me now 15 years later - not much bigger than then but all growed up!  I love my peeps and will sit in their lap whenever I can.  I love Pop and want to sit on him whenever he watches TV.  So you see feral cats can be tamed - even older ones.  next week we will tell you about some other ferals in our house.  Have a super weekend!



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