Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - National Straw Hat Day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom Monday - The Winners

Sweet Yoko napping.

Yoko here today.  We are knackered from partying all weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful time at my party.  And I hope that Moms everywhere had a great day yesterday too!  Thank you so very much for coming. I loved having you all here  I am resting up today from all the excitement over the weekend.

Darling Lily and mother of all the whitesters except Al!

Since our Mom's Day was focused on me, we want to make today's photos about our cat Moms - Lily and Mamacita as well as announce the winners of the party guessing games.

On Friday we asked who said this - "Growing old is not for sissies".  The answer is Bette Davis and Cat's Cats was the first one to guess correctly so her gang will get a hand knit mouse (or two) as their prize.

Mamacita is Rosa's cat Mom!

On Saturday we explained what kind of tabby I am - a very pretty unusual one. (**smile**)  The answer is a "ticked" tabby! Socks from Alasandra, the Cats and Dogs won this prize - a copy of book The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie.  Congrats to them!

Sunday we asked how old I was when my baby blue eyes turned the gorgeous green they are now.  When I was adopted from the animal shelter in Florida, they told my beans that I was a bit over 6 weeks old.  Exactly two weeks later, my eyes turned from blue to green. So the answer is 8 weeks and 3 days.  Ginger Jasper came the closest to this with his guess of 2 months and 5 days.  Congrats to them on the cute cat ornament!

Mom will contact each of the winners for their address if she does not have them on hand.  Thanks so much for playing and we hope you like your prizes!

We will be back later this week after a few days off with another tell all posts about Lily or Mamacita.  Come back by then!



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