Friday, October 23, 2009

Fatigued Friday!

Al, our special boy - too pooped to pop today!

Two Spot crashed in a basket.

After Al's big Gotcha Day party on Thursday, we are all hung over and full of ham and pizza, ice cream and cake! We are all napping today so see ya on Saturday! Thanks for coming to party with us.

Mamacita and Rosa sleeping it off.

Joey and Yoko in their favorite spot.

Give - away!
To continue to celebrate Albert's 5th Gotcha Day, Mom is giving away a free year's subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine - all you have to do is to leave a comment telling us that you want in on a chance for a free cat magazine and on Monday October 26 she will randomly pick a winner. Good luck everyone.!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tortie Tosies Tuesday

Whose cute tosies are these? Give up?

Our senior tortie cat Chica that's who! Isn't she a beauty - toes and all? Of course being her Mom makes me a little biased!

For more Cats on Tuesday visit Gattina! Don't forget to come back on Thursday for Al's big Gotcha Day blast!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mancat Monday

Joey loves to sleep in unusual places especially if other cats are already there. He is squished in the chair next to Mamacita and Rosa but that is fine by him! He loves being the only mancat in the house!

You are all invited to Al's Gotcha Day Party on Thursday October 22! It is his 5th Gotcha Day when Mom found him by the side of the road. We are planning a big celebration!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Albert's 5th Gotcha Day!

Welcome one and all to Al's 5th Gotcha Day celebration! We have quite a spread for ya'll - pizza, ham, tiny sandwiches, plus lots of cake and ice cream for dessert! Dig in and have fun!! 

It has been five, sometimes long years, since Mom found Al by the side of the road when he was a tiny kitten. (Read Al's life story.) Life with a deaf cat can be challenging to say the least. Al is a very sweet, cuddly, mischievous and endearing with people but with other cats he can be unpredictable and sometimes mean. Mostly we think the bullying is just him not knowing what is being said when we growl or talk to him. He just doesn't get our verbal messages and plows right in where most cats would head for cover!

He was a tiny guy five years ago that somehow managed to get himself into the darnedest places to nap. Now he is a large handsome mancat with stunning blue eyes. We are very happy to have him in our cat family - Pop especially has a soft spot for big Al. Make sure you scroll down to the end of the post ---Mom is giving away a neat gift for cat lovers!

Take this quizz and find out how much you know about deaf cats......

What’s Your Deaf-Cat IQ?
Test your knowledge about the needs of these special kitties.
By Erika Sorocco of the Cat Channel

Owners of deaf cats need to put in a little extra time and provide some special care for their feline companions. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about deaf cats, and the simple ways that help you and kitty adjust to the handicap.
1. When approaching a deaf cat, you should:
a. Sneak up behind her
b. Pat her lightly
c. Approach her from the front
d. Run toward her

2. Cats most prone to deafness are:
a. Tabbies with green eyes
b. Black and white with yellow eyes
c. Persians with blue eyes
d. White with blue eyes

3. The best way to keep track of a deaf cat is by:
a. Keeping her on a leash
b. Confining her to one room
c. Putting a bell on her collar
d. Following her wherever she goes

4. The most effective way to train a deaf cat is by using:
a. Toys
b. Affection
c. Treats
d. Anger

5. When playing with a deaf cat, the best toys are:
a. Feathers
b. Laser pointers
c. String
d. Balls

6. Deaf cats use which one of their senses the most?
a. Smell
b. Taste
c. Touch
d. Sight

7. What type of test would have to be conducted to see whether a cat is deaf or not?
a. FIV
b. ELISA test
c. BAER test
d. FeLV

8. When introducing a deaf cat to children you should:
a. Allow the children to grab the cat roughly
b. Inform the children of the cat’s situation
c. Leave the children alone with the cat
d. Let the children tease the cat

9. A deaf cat that is suddenly awakened may:
a. Purr
b. Lick your hand
c. Meow
d. Bite or hiss

10. Cats who are deaf:
a. Should be put to sleep
b. Lead miserable lives
c. Can lead happy, healthy, normal lives
d. Are mistreated

11. The best way to awaken a deaf cat that is sleeping is by:
a. Tapping a wall or stomping your feet
b. Petting her
c. Blowing on her fur
d. Picking her up

12. When interacting with other animals, a deaf cat should:
a. Be left unsupervised
b. Not be allowed to interact with other animals
c. Be supervised
d. Interact only with other cats

13. A deaf cat should:
a. Be allowed to live outdoors
b. Be kept indoors at all times
c. Be confined to one room
d. Be allowed to roam wherever they please

14. What emotion is often mistaken for aggression in deaf cats?
a. Fear
b. Jealousy
c. Stress
d. Guilt

15. Training a deaf cat is:
a. Impossible
b. Difficult
c. Possible depending on the circumstances
d. Simple with a little dedication and repetition

16. Separation anxiety is higher in deaf cats.
a. Maybe
b. It depends on the cat
c. Not at all
d. Absolutely

17. Informal sign language:
a. Can be learned by deaf cats
b. Is only useful to deaf humans
c. Can’t be learned by deaf cats
d. Doesn’t work for cats

18. Working with a deaf cat is:
a. Easy
b. Challenging
c. In-between
d. Hard

19. Deafness:
a. Only occurs in white cats with blue eyes
b. Can happen to any cat at any age
c. Is caused by old age
d. Only occurs in female cats

20. Deaf cats are:
a. Louder than hearing cats
b. Quieter than hearing cats
c. Completely silent
d. More talkative than hearing cats

Answer Key
1. C
2. D
3. C
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. D
10. C
11. A
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. D
16. C
17. A
18. B
19. B
20. A

If you scored:
1-5 Points - Good job. Keep on studying. Don’t despair, simply pick up a few books and fill your mind with every deaf-cat fact you can find!

5-10 Points - Congrats! You’re almost there! 11-15 Points - Give yourself a pat on the back – You’re on your way to becoming a deaf-cat expert.

16-20 Points - You’re the cats meow! There’s no question about it, when it comes to deaf cats, you know it all!

Erika Sorocco is a freelance writer living in Southern California . Her work has appeared in numerous publications both nationally and internationally.

Give - away!

To celebrate Albert's special day, Mom is giving away a free year's subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine - all you have to do is so leave a comment telling us that you are interested in the magazine and on Monday October 26 she will randomly pick a winner. Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Witchy Minnie on Spooky Sunday!

I'm glad Mom can use the computer to dress me up - I don't like wearing clothes one bit!
Have a Spooky Sunday - the big day is drawing near!!!!
For more pet posts spooky or not visit Pet Pride!



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