Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough Tuesday

Chica helping Mom

Mom is running ragged here so we apologize if we have not visited back yet.  She is still using her friend's tiny laptop to do the blog posts.

Snowball with friends

Snowball continues to be uncomfortable - will check with the vet today to make sure we are using the right antibiotic for him.  He is still able to pee so that is one good thing - he is eating well but still having to go to the litter box often.

Chica had a rough day yesterday.  She has been having a tough time of it lately.  Vomiting her food back up a while after eating.  Yesterday she did not want to eat all day.  Mom got a few bites in but she was not interested and also burped a bit too.  With her having chronic renal failure it is most likely stoach acid.  She gets Pepcid but may need more.  Will call the vet today. Mom gave her a blend of homeopathic remedies last night and it worked - she ate and seemed to feel better. She ate her Pepcid the morning and a bit of breakfast.

Please keep both Chica and Snowball on your purr list!



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