Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Treats, Please....

Did you hear that..the sound of a Temptations bag being opened?

Mom, me, right here.  She's going by and not stopping.

Mom, it's me Darby.  You know I love treats.

Noooo!  Don't give them to, me , me.

Finally!  Yum,yum, nom nom.  Hope you guys get treats today too!

Please keep our friend Poncho in your prayers.  His has lymphoma  - we wrote a post about him here. His Mom wrote an update on Poncho.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Purrs for Poncho

Update from Poncho's Mom Mary Ellen  -
I can't thank you enuf for getting prayers for Ponch.  He is doing ok. Just tried to get antibiotics liquid down him but he threw up.  Had chemo pill  this afternoon in baby food & now in cycle of not feeling good. I am a 2 time survivor of breast cancer & chemo -I know how it is. Poncho says thank you & went & curled up in his shoe box.

This is 14 year old Poncho who lives with his Mom Mary Ellen in Birmingham AL. Mary Ellen is Mom's friend's sister.  Poncho has been sick for a while, losing weight  and was diagnosed with high thyroid and a heart murmur and given medication.  He didn't get much better so after going to several vets, Mary Ellen finally went to the vet school in Auburn and they found that the had lymphoma rather than high thyroid.  He was treated with chemo and sent home with more pills to take.

He is his Mom's pride an joy and she would like to have him a few more years and feeling good too.  Please put him on your purrs and prayer list.



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