Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shabby Chic Decorating - the Cat version

Today has been designated Shabby Chic Day! Mom has been a big fan of Shabby Chic decorating for many years - even before us. She believes in reusing and recycling but we have taught her a bunch more things to bring her up to the higher levels of Shabby Chic for Cats.

How many cats can you find on the bed?

Tip number one - cover all furniture with soft fluffy fleece. We love to lay on soft fabric -the thicker the better. This gives a casual comfy look to the home.


Tip number two - instead of putting it away, pile your clean laundry on the top of the dresser for a few days so we can snuggle on it and make it cat presentable.

Joey and Ivy

Tip number three - scatter various size pet beds around the house for us to nap in. Naps are very important!!!

Mamacita, Rosa and Yoko

Tip number four - for us older cats, place steps next to sofas, chairs and beds so we can walk up easily. And do leave scratching boards out in plenty of places for us to use.

Two Spot and Sam

Tip number five - window coverings should be kept to a minimum to allow lots of sunlight indoors and for our viewing pleasure.


Tip number six - boxes are a must, in all shapes and sizes placed in nooks and crannies. One can never have too many boxes!

The whitsters (and Woody)

Tip number seven - for those of you lucky enough to have a screen porch, plenty of shelves at different heights make great spots for us to lounge, catch some rays and snoopervise.

There you have it - the essentials of Shabby Chic decorating straight from the experts!  How do you help decorate your house?

P.S. Mom posted this last week and quickly took it off realizing it was the wrong week!  Just in case some of you saw it briefly in your reader!!!

Happy Birthday to Kim!

Our friend Kim from Fuzzy Tales and Musings on a Small Life is celebrating her birthday today - please go by her personal blog today and visit her with birthday wishes.

She is always the first to leave a comment on our blogs to help celebrate or to share our sorrow.  We want to thank her for her kindness and thoughtfulness to all of us and to all creatures.  Happy Birthday Kim!



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