Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday with Callie!

For Thankful Thursday this week we are turning the blog over to Callie, our newest member and a tiny girl.
Hi…boy this is all so new to me!  I guess you all know that Mom found me on 11/1 this year where she works (you can read the story here).  Anyway she has been working hard to find my previous guardian or someone who knows what may have happened to her and me.  Mom posted online on all the Lost & Found listings, and on the Facebook pages for the local vets.  She got some leads but all the phone numbers were dead ends.  Finally she wrote a note and mailed to the address of  the older lady who adopted me in 2007 (Barbara) and included our phone number.

Last night Barbara called – turns out she renamed me Toby (? Isn’t that a boy name?)  and kept me for three years but her older cat hated me and always attacked me.  Four years ago, Barbara gave me to an acquaintance, hoping that I would have a happier home life and not be attacked all the time.  Apparently the second lady who had me moved out west, far away, this past June. No one has her address or phone now.  Barbara was very upset thinking that I was left outside on my own for that long!  She still has the crabby older cat so she can't take me back.

I am fuzzy about what happened to me – I may have been living on my own outside for six months or maybe someone else took me but I don’t know who.  All I do know is that I really like it here at Wildcat Woods!  When I first got here, I slept all the time except for eating and using the litter box. I was tired and worn out.  I had my own small room and liked it.

Now I can come out if Mom and Pop are home.  The other cats leave me alone or are just curious. Sweetpea does growl at me but that is nothing compared to what I put up with before.  I can go in my room if it all gets too much.  

Mostly I want to be next to Mom or in the same room as her.  I just love her and sit and stare at her sending lots of my love her way!  I play a little bit with nip toys. I don’t think I had any toys or at least no one played with me.  I do love to eat, nap and watch the birds.  I make Mom laugh when I run from one end of the house to the other.  I am tiny – the size of Darby and Sweetpea – about five pounds.

Mom says that I came to her a lot like Angel Chica did.  I just ran up to her and let her pick me up just like Angel Chica did when she found her.  I have black tortie colors on my back so when I am curled up napping and Mom sees me, I look like Angel Chica from the back.  It makes Mom smile so I don't mind.
I am very thankful to have a good forever home like this.  I know that all the other kitties will accept me in no time and I look forward to hosting more blog posts soon!  I just wish all the homeless dogs and cats had a chance of finding a great place to live like I did!

The answers to our post about visiting Marg - Missy is the tortie, Maggie is the tabby and the darker donkey is Joe with the other being Smoke

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tabby Tuesday with Jack

Jack hunting in the weeds

Lots of activity with Jack (our neighbor's cat) hunting in our yard.Mom caught the action as he nabbed a vole - pretty exciting since we don't get to hunt unless a stray mouse wanders inside!

Got the vole!

Wanting to play with it.
Mom tried to rescue the vole from Jack but he kept running away before she could pick him up.  He was a tiny little thing.

We won't show you the rest of the action - not that mom took any pics of Jack snacking on the vole!  He keeps our crawlspace under the house pest free!

We hope that any of you who lie int he Midwest are OK and not suffering from the tornadoes.  We are purring for all the peeps and critters in that area!



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