Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We got our tree in early December from a local Christmas tree farm.  This is a long tradition in Mom's family.  We set it up at home and let it be for a few days to let us kitties get used to it before  it gets all prettied up.

 Minnie is chief snoopervisor and likes to make sure the lights all work before they go on the tree.  "All systems go", she says!

Somehow Mom misplaced a box of holiday decorations and in it was our angel tree topper!!!  She had this fairy Santa with wings so I guess that will have to do this year.  Hope you like our smallish tree - we have a small home so it fits us.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!  Have a wonderful holiday. We will post before the New Year so see ya next week.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweetpea Comforts Mom

Me, Sweetpea in Joey's window spot.
 Mom is still getting over losing her dear Joey but I am making sure she is loved at all times.  Maybe Joey told me or maybe not (I am not sayin') but I make sure she has a cuddly purring cat (me) next to her when she wakes up each day like Joey used to do and again when she goes to bed.  Joey sat next to Mom every night until Pop came in to go to sleep.

I even sit in the window in the sun like Joey did.  Now let me tell you, before, when Joey was here, I never came into the bedroom.  I liked to hang out in the living room, kitchen and even the porch on nice days.  Joey never kept me out of the bedroom - I just didn't go in there.

Me snoopervising.

I helped with the Christmas cards.  Mom likes to do them on the bed.  It was a rough job and I took a nap - that's allowed isn't' it?

I think I am helping cuz Mom is smiling more and more each day. 

Mom wants to thank each of you for all  the cards, comments and notes on Facebook about Joey.  She is still visiting you all to say thanks personally.  It helps her to heal and she treasures every one of you.  We hope to be blogging a bit more now.  Oh ...and thanks for the the ecards - Mom is slow in putting them up but we love them! 



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