Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

From top  left going to the right,  Two Spot, Yoko, Woody and Smidge.

It is still hot here but the humidity has dropped a little.  We are thankful to be in a cool air conditioned house and to be safe in this heat.  We are also thankful Chica is still doing well - fluids only every 2 weeks now.  Today she gets her claws trimmed...ouch!

We have some great news today.  Sweet little Avon from Brother Wolf Rescue (We had her pic on our side bar for the longest time) has been adopted after over a year in a foster home.  Mom talked to her foster Mom and they said she got a great forever home so it was worth the wait.  She also told Mom that Yogi an 8 year old all black cat who had been in foster care for a year also found a home recently!

Pam, the Brother Wolf foster Mom, said they had a special dog that needed a home so we will put Sebastian on our blog in place of Avon.  Sebastian is just over a year and loves water, playing and is a great dog.  He was found homeless and covered in mange.  He is a lab mix and just waiting for his chance at a forever home. Check him out on the side bar.

The craft gallery Gallery of the Mountains where Mom works is going to help Brother Wolf Rescue get votes in the ASPCA Challenge (they can win up to $100,00) by  featuring cats and dogs from their rescue all month long in August.  Our Mom writes the blog so she will be linking artists with  pets to help raise awareness of this great no-kill shelter and to get people to adopt from them and to vote for them!  It all begins August 1!

Have a great weekend!



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