Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday and Wildfire Update

Only with Snowball behind snug on the couch in the cat shelter

We wanted to update everyone in case you are not on Facebook or Instagram. One of the wildfires burning in the mountains of North Carolina is very close to us.  Party Rock or Lake Lure fire is about 10 miles away - much closer as the crow flies.  The fact that we are and will continue to be in extreme drought is another cause for concern. (biggify the photos for better viewing)

Photo courtesy of Wildfire Today

Party Rock fire - photo from Chimney Rock Village page

Our home is located on the southern edge of the Hickory Nut Gorge above the town of Bat Cave.  The gorge drops down 1000 feet in elevation to the valley floor where Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure are located.  The fire started on the north ridge of the gorge near Lake Lure two weeks ago and has traveled up the north ridge encompassing 5700 acres and is 19% contained.  This is a rugged wilderness area and hard to get to so the fire fighters have been focusing on a defense line to save the homes and businesses.  So far no one has been injured and no structures have been lost.

Smoke from fires - Lake Lure  Operations

Chimney Rock Village with fire behind - fromAsheville Citizen Times

We are not in danger at this point and have plans should we have to leave with all the cats.  We have moved all brush and leaves away from the buildings on our land, collected cat carriers and food and are ready to go if we are asked to evacuate.  Our biggest issue is air quality from the smoke.  Some days we are Code Red or Orange.  I am keeping the cats indoors and since I have asthma, I am inside too.
Last week in Lake Lure

The weather forecast is grim - no rain in sight for the next 30 days and a dry warm winter predicted.  The Gov.  said the worst case scenario with no rain/snow, is that the fires will burn until March.  The Party Rock fire may burn itself out in a few weeks.

Courtesy of Asheville Citizen Times

Donations for firefighters at Ingles, Lake Lure

We are thankful we are still at home and in no danger yet. We are so very grateful to all of the firefighters from across the country who are working hard to keep this fire and the multiple other fires in western NC from spreading.  We are thankful to all our caring communities in the region who are donating food, toiletry items and money to the firefighters while they are here.  We know we are in good hands and hope that in the weeks to come things will improve.

Photo courtesy of WLOS

We are asking you all to do whatever you believe in to request rain or snow for our area along with eastern Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia.  Visualize this area blanketed in some form of precipitation putting out all the fires. Keep us all in your thoughts!

Tabitha and Woody know they are safe

Thank you friends! Be sure to stop by Brian's Home for Thankful Thursday.



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