Friday, October 8, 2010

Forever Friday

Mom is a little under the weather again with a sinus infection from her allergies. She wanted to do a recap on all the homeless cats and dogs we posted who got homes but maybe next week. These guys are from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue's Underdog page - they have been at the shelter for a long time because of their color, breed, special needs or something. Please pass this on and help find them homes.

KEEVER is a silky black fellow with a sweet, soulful nature. Bonding with people is his trademark. He will follow you around and sit on your lap. In between playtimes, he loves to be brushed and petted. He is good with other cats. We've had this little sweetie for over a year, simply because of his color! Please call his foster mom at (828) 281-2885 to meet Keever.

 Sally is a 3 year old chow mix looking for a human to show her kindness after living her whole life chained to the bumper of a car, going for days without food or water. She needs someone who will introduce her to all the world has to offer with patience. Once Sally trusts you, she will love you forever and snuggle and kiss you. She takes longer to warm up to men, than women, but with time can accept men. Sally is wonderful in her foster home. She taught herself to go to the bathroom only outside, by not wanting to dirty her kennel, when she was at the BWAR shelter. She has never had an accident in the house and is completely trustworthy when left alone. She will "gather" shoes and things from her human to keep with her when she sleeps, but has never destroyed anything. She does great with the cats in her foster home and will slowly be introduced to the dogs. She has spent time on leash at events with other dogs and done well. Sally would do best in a home without constant strangers visiting. She does learn to accept visitors over a period of time, but it does take multiple visits. Sally has been waiting almost a year now for her forever family to find her. She is an absolutely wonderful, loving girl who just needs that family to understand she had a rough start. If you're looking for a dog to love you with all she's got - Sally is the girl for you.

Both these great animals can be found at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, North Carolina.  Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Terryfying Thursday

Smidge here reporting on our adventure.....We have been putting a new roof on our house and the guys were here a week ago for several days working.  After the first day of activity, us cats liked watching  from the screen porch.  The guys came back this week to work for one day on a roof project before they add the insulation.  It was early morning and they swooped in with their trucks, ladders and saws, busy doing the carpentry work. Mom noticed none of the cats were visible in the porch except Al who was busy snoopervising from the doorway.

Mom went inside the porch to see what was going on. I could care less and was napping  in the sun. But where were all the other white cats?  She looked all over the porch for them and then smiled.

The chairs are now covered in fleece blankets so we have nice warm spots to snuggle when we sit out on the screen porch in cooler weather.  She lifted up the blanket and sure enough there they were - all 7 cats crammed under the chair and behind it under the blankets, terrified of the workmen and all the noise!

My silly siblings...wonder why they hid this time and not last time?  But Only was still not found....Mom knew he has a special hidy place inside in one of the cupboards.  He is a big fraidy cat and hides at the slightest new thing.

Mom opened the door and there was Only, siting on Pop's golf travel bag in the cupboard. Now all were accounted for!  Have you ever seen such fraidy cats before?

They finally came out as the day wound down and the activity stopped.  They will be up all night for sure and keeping me up with them, making up for lost playtime!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chica on Wayward Wednesday

Senior cat Chica has been a wayward girl this past week or so. She has been up to her naughty tricks.  A favorite thing to do when she wants attention  is - she gets inside a box and then pummels it with her paws until Mom goes nuts and tells her to stop.

 We have also been having our toilet paper rolls shreaded but no one admitted to the dirty deed. 

Until one day Mom saw a piece of white paper stuck to  Chica's fur...guess what it was?  Guilty as charged! For an older cat, she has been working overtime to get into trouble these days!

Chica has been an avid box fan for her whole life but this takes the cake.  One day this week, Mom came into the kitchen and found Chica sound asleep on the floor with her head inside one of Pop's beer cartons! Crazy huh?

Uh she comes now...
"Hey Mom whatcha writing about me?  That's not fair, I'm not a trouble maker - I'm just mischievous!  Right guys?" (wink)

Hope you're having a fun and mischievous day too!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mancat Monday with Snowball

Mom went pink!  After such a great turn out for yellow and Livestrong Day Mom decided to go pink for the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I told her I was mancat enough to go first on Mancat Monday!

I am one plus sized handsome mancat - ladies don't you agree? So...excuse me while I freshen up.  Want to look my best.

Those gorgeous ladycats will be knocking on my door soon, I bet! Are you going pink too?



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