Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Hunt - Black

We joined in on the Photo Hunt today and this one was sooo easy...the word is black!

We have 5 black cats living in our house..... This is Ivy when she still lived outside. It is hard to take photos of black cat indoors since they don't show up well unless you use a flash and then you get red eyes or eyes closed cuz of the flash!

This is tiny Sweetpea, our long haired petite cat. She is 10 this year.

Lovely Minnie has deep green eyes and fur like velvet but it is so hard to capture them in photos.

Mamacita is a younger kitty rescued with two kittens from our yard. Both kittens had severe respiratory illness when we brought them in.

Our senior Chica is a black tortoiseshell and very much the boss cat in the house.

Rosa is Mamacita's baby girl cat. We lost her brother Manny to urinary blockage when he was only 2.

If you want to play Photo Hunt too visit Tnchick for the details. We also joined in on Camera Critters and Pet Pride today too. Happy Caturady!

Happy May Day too! Mom did a post on her other blog about this old fashioned holiday and the flowers in our yard! Go see.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoko's Portrait

You think I don't know you are there Mom with your flashy box? Even with my eyes closed I can see you!

OK, That's better...I will go back to sleep now.

(Yoko will be 17 on Mother's Day this year - she acts older these days, sleeping most of the time. Even her sister Chica who is 19, acts younger than Yoko. Please stop by for Yoko's 17th Gotcha Day on May 9 - we are having a big party here.)

We are participating in a new meme called Face of the Week. Stop by and see what it is all about!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tabby Tortie Tuesday

Hello, this is Chica the tortie in this post. I am the senior cat of the group here...will be 19 this summer. I prefer to be alone or with Mom. I guess I would have liked to be the only cat but...Mom has to help all the poor strays and ferals!

Tabby Tabitha is the newest to come in the house. She is five and very sweet but awfully lonely. I think she misses her Mom Lily (who lives out in the super shelter we have) but Al was picking on Tabitha so much we had to bring her inside with us.

When it is time for the beans to go to bed, I get up there for some cuddle time with Mom. Tabitha thinks she can horn in on that and siddles up to me on her tummy hoping I will give her a cleaning.

Sometimes I do but not for very long.... Tabitha just about throws herself at can I resist?

That is enough for tonight Tabitha. Now I just vant to be left alone!

For more cat tales....visit Gattina for Cats on Tuesday!



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