Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thankful, Gotcha Days and More

 First off we would like to thank all of you for your comforting comments on Facebook, our blog and emails to Mom and Pop about losing Minnie last week.  Mom was not up for blogging  - so she posted her Halloween post on the Tabby Cat Club, and Callie's 2nd Gotcha Day (Nov. 1) on Ladies of Autumn. Scylla of ACAD hosted a wonderful tea party in Callie's honor.  Mom also postponed my Gotcha Day until now.  Too much going on so soon after Minnie going to the Bridge - Mom wanted time to grieve and to leave Minnie's last post up for a few days.


 Things have been a bit rough for us the past year.  Last fall I was at the vet for severe constipation  that goes with my megacolon.  Georgie was there also for her diagnosis of diabetes and then again for constipation and then back to the vet this spring for her bout with fatty liver disease. We hope all the sadness and illness are behind us now.  I am feeling super groovy these days and things look outta sight for us.  I am just very thankful to be here in this loving family with all my siblings and humans.Can ya dig it?

Hang loose and enjoy while we entertain you with a 60's themed party  for my belated 9th Gotcha Day (Nov. 2).  I am ten years old this year but no one recalls the date. I have slapped up some cool psychedelic posters, put on my tie dyed shirt and turned on Pandora to the Jimi Hendrix station. We have some classic 60s snacks here - chips and onion dip, refreshing 7-up, the delish cheese ball with Ritz crackers and of course nip laced brownies.

Thank you for coming by, for always being there for us when things are not going well and most importantly for your friendship.  You guys are fab!



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