Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White Wordy Wednesday - Lily

Lily wants to tell her story today!

I am the momcat for all of the white kitties plus Woody and Tabitha. I showed up at the old general store across from Mom's house one summer a few years ago with a litter of tiny black kittens and one white one. The beans at the store fed me and tried to catch my kittens. I was not happy and teached them to not go in that cage even if food was there. My black kittens disappeared - I hope they got nice homes but I never saw them again. Snowball was the only one left and he stuck to me like glue.

The store closed for the winter and we were left with no food and were very hungry. It was cold and snowy outside and our stomach grumbled empty. Someone told Mom and she started putting food out on her back deck and even made us a place to sleep safe and warm, out of the snow and wind under the house. She tried to catch me and Snowball too but we were smart and escaped. Mom firmly believes in TNR - that means trap, neuter and release! But I got pregnant again and had another liter of all white kittens this time with one tabby - Woody. I am a very good mom so they all grew up and looked good. Mom made a place for the kittens to play on the deck with a kitty condo and stuff.

Those mancats would not leave me alone and I got pregnant again - all this time poor Mom was desperately trying to catch me to stop me from having kittens. She was so nice to me but I would not go near her or let her pet me. I was afraid. Being a mom is my job so I would not go in the trap no matter what. I would pull the food to the side and pull it out with my paws.

Mom did catch Snowball first then all the others at once - Norm, Woody, Sam. Since Mom was moving to another town she could not TNR us and leave us outside cuz no one wanted to take care of us. She asked all the neighbors too and shelters. The shelters were going to put us to sleep. I didn't like the sound of that. She knew she had to take us all with her when she moved, so she put the kittens in their own special indoor space with a screen porch.

Finally I had one more litter under the house - again all white cats with one tabby who is Tabitha. These guys were real cute and by now Mom was getting friendly with me and the kittens. She caught all of us a few months later by propping open the door to the back porch and enticing us with food and toys to come in. Then she pulled the piece of wood holding the door open and we were caught! It was scary when she and Pop tried to catch us and bring us inside but now we are happy and safe and no more babies for me.

We live in a nice shelter with a screen porch and have lots of toys, treats and food. The chipmunks and birds play outside and we can watch all day. Mom and Pop spend lots of time with us and we love it. We are all friendly now except Smidge and Sam sometimes. I guess we are pretty lucky.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tosies Tuesday with Smidge

I am very shy and run from everybody even Mom. I was always like this since I was a little tiny cat. I am not very big now. Mom says I look scared all the time like a deer in the headlights whatever that means!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Remembering Clarence

Passing On by Steve Smith
When a dog finally passes on, there is an emptiness, a place in our hearts that will never be filled again in exactly the way it was. Because no matter how many dogs we have over the years, each is unique. a friend, and when they go away, our lives are changed forever in many small ways.

A dear friend's daughter lost her woofie on Easter Sunday. He was a sweet soul who gave so much love and support to his family. Please send prayers and purrs that they heal from this loss and that Clarence is happy and healthy once more at the Bridge. I will pass any comments on to the family since they don't have a blog.

Many thanks to Ann of for this wonderful graphic.

Mancat Monday - Snowball

Snowball enjoys sitting on the highest shelf in the screen enclosure and relaxing. He is a very portly Mancat!



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