Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday - Final Day of Yoko's Official 20th Gotcha Day and Birthday Party!

Thank you for all the visitors yesterday.  Mom had to work late and did not get to publish all my friends comments until she got home.

Welcome back to the the final day and the Official 20th Birthday/Gotcha day Party Extravaganza for me - Yoko!  Thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for making these lovely graphics..

Cake will be served to all, so relax and let me tell one more story about my life.

You can see that I still have the kitten's blue eyes.

For those of you who are new to our blog, I will tell the tail of how I came to live at Wildcat Woods.  Back in 1993, Mom and Pop lived in Florida then and already had Chica, my late sister.   They wanted a buddy for her and was going to pick out a puppy (**eye roll**) at the local animal shelter over Mother's Day weekend.  Alas  there were no puppies that day.  (Whew) One of the volunteers was cleaning out a cage with a mom cat and lots of little kittens.  She handed me over to Pop a who was smitten immediately.  Mom was looking at black and white cats while Pop followed her, still holding me.  

Pop talked her into taking me home  and the rest is history.  I was a little young and still had the blue eyes most kittens are born with.  There is a cute handmade pottery cat ornament for the first person who guesses how old I was when my blue eyes turned the actual color they are now.  Here is a hint - It does vary and can be anywhere from 2 to 3 months.

Be the first to guess right and win this

Me when I was young with Pop (he was young too)
I have always been a Daddy's girl since the very beginning.  I love to lay stretched out on his lap or chest..  Sometimes I do look like a fur tie the way I lay on Pop's chest.  Mom gets a bit upset cuz Pop can do anything to me and I will let him but let her try to touch my rather large feets and I will growl and swat!  She just yells for Pop to come get "his" cat.  I don't do that much anymore cuz I know Mom is the one who take scare of me when I don't feel so good.

I hope you have had fun this weekend.  Please help yourself to the nibbles shrimps and fishes, cake and shrimp cocktails (yum).  We have some fun games  like bobbing for fish and catch the lizard.  If you are squeamish about live critters you can try the virtual fish  game!  What you do with what you catch s up to you!  Prize winners will be announce on Monday!

And I would like to wish all Mother's everywhere of all species a very Happy Mother's Day!

Thank y'all for coming and for being my friend!  It has been a pleasure seeing you all here.  I am a very lucky lady cat!!!

Bobbing for fish!

Or virtual fish!

Lots of anoles to chase and catch too!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Caturday Open House for Yoko's 20th Gotcha Day/Birthday!

Love our graphics by Ann of Zoolatry!
(So y'all are not confused about the days.  Mom posts the night before  when she goes to bed. So this is for Sat. May 11)

I hope you are all rested and rearing to go after the delish spa day yesterday.  So glad you could come join me.  Saturday and Sunday will be just as mellow - I can't take too much excitement at my age.  We will have  lots of apps to nibble on, niptinis and  games to play for the younger crowd.

I will share some other tidbits from my long life - Mom calls me her Zen cat cuz I do everything so very slowly, focusing all my attention on the moment in front of me.

This includes when I eat.  Here is a video of me eating - I guess it does prove Mom's point. Slow but sure!

I also have a habit of making biscuits every time I find a good spot to nap in.  I do this and then settle in for a comfy nap. Again I do this very methodically and with great concentration.

Making biscuits in my kitty bed.
We have another prize for knowing about tabby cat markings - I am a very special kind of tabby - I have tabby markings on my face and tail and some on my legs but my body has no stripes or spots.  Each hair is individually banded or what they call agouti hairs. This is the rarest sort of tabby coat.  Do you know what kind of tabby I am?  No cheating and the first person to leave the correct comment wins a great book - The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie.

Guess what kind of tabby I am!

Be the first to guess right and you win this!

Please make yourself at home and grab a niptini and bite to eat from the array of tuna and ham apps or perhaps a cupcake or ice cream from the dessert selection!

For the youngsters here some live mice to chase and catch..Or snack on if they so choose.

So very glad you could come by to help me celebrate my 20th Gotcha Day and Birthday!  Not very many cats live this long and it is quite an accomplishment.  Tomorrow we will continue the open house with another prize to win and lots more goodies plus some baby photos of me. Please stop by!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday Spa Day of Yoko's Three Day 20th Gotcha Day/Birthday Party Extravaganza!

All graphics from our dear Ann of Zoolatry

Before we start, I have some news.  Mom had to take me to the VET on Wed. this week.  I have a kidney infection and have to take antibiotics for a few weeks.  I have been throwing up a bit too even tho I take slippery elm for my tummy.  Many of you know I have CRF and hyperthyroid.  I feel better today and will be up for my party, don't you worry.  As the saying goes - "Growing old is not for sissies".

Sunday is my 20th Gotcha Day and Birthday since we don't really know the exact date.  Reaching 20 is a huge milestone so Mom is letting me have a three day bash.  Today will be for ladycats only - a spa day!

Mom has hired a beautiful place nearby for us to spend the day and we will get the full luxurious pampered treatment - massage, manicure, pedicure, nails painted if you want, bubble baths, all with lots of soothing music, candles and restful fragrances.  Of course there will be nibbles and beverages for all, salmon and cream cheese apps and mouse blood wine.

Me, getting ready for the big party.

While we relax and enjoy the day, I will reveal some little known traits about myself along with some never seen before photos of me as a young lady cat.

Me enjoying the tree as a young cat.

I have always loved Christmas and love to help with the tree, unwrap gifts and even sit and stare into the lit tree for long periods of time.  That makes Mom is bit worried!

Helping to unwrap the presents

I am a licker.  I love to lick Mom and Pop's skin.  I sit next to them and lick, lick, lick.  It drives them nuts (***wink*** maybe that's why I do it!)

I like to hide under the bedding, in the laundry pile, behind pillows on the couch.  I have done this since I was very young. I get picked on by the other cats so I guess I like it better when I am not seen so I can nap in peace.

I am a high jumper and even at my age can get up on the counter and wail like a banshee when I want to eat!  When we lived in Florida when I was young, Mom used to find me on the top shelf in the walk in closet snuggled in the sweaters sound asleep. She always wondered how I got up so high.

Win this mouse!

I hope you are enjoying yourself today.  We have a cute prize for the first person to guess who said the quote in the first paragraph in this post. A German friend on Facebook makes these knit mice and sent us a nest of them.  Us cats love to play with them so the lucky winner will get one for their very own.

Do come back on Saturday or Sunday for my 20th  Gotcha Day/Birthday Open House.  The party goes all day both days with different things going on so you have no excuse not to come.  Cake, nip and more prizes - a great cat book and kitty ornament - and lots of fun and music.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Best Buds Norm and Snowball on White Wordless Wednesday

Pssst - we are throwing a surprise Gotcha Day/Birthday for Yoko's 20th this weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Come on by for the party - lots of food, games and prizes each day!  Mark your calendar!!!!



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