Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday!

Lily here (that's me in our holiday card) to thank you for all our ecards and snail mail cards.  Due to the illnesses of both Georgie and Snowball during the past weeks, Mom didn't get to post your cards on our blog.  She sent some out and emailed some (many came back for lack of postage!!!) - if she didn't get to you, please take our card with sincere apologies.

Georgie is still not well - she is not eating or "doing her business" in the litter box.  Nothing showed in her blood work or during the exam.  If things have not changed by Friday she will be x-rayed at the vet, hopefully showing some reason why this is going on. Meanwhile Mom and Pop are taking turns assist feeding Georgie to keep her blood glucose up and to prevent fatty liver disease from not eating. Please purr for her to get well.

Me, Lily under our tree.
The holidays can be tough on those who are having upsetting things going on in their lives at this time.  With this in mind, our wish to you,  is to have a peaceful Christmas filled with the love of friends and family, both two and four legged..



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