Thursday, October 25, 2012

Garden Thursday with Minnie

Minnie here today posing with a lame Mom!  We still have flowers blooming in our garden since it has been so warm this fall but before we get to that...let me update you about Joey.  Mom has begun his cancer treatment and the vet seems to think it will go well.  He also suggested using Renavast for his CRF - it can actually reverse kidney damage!  Mom is excited about that. His treatment is still pretty expensive so she is leaving the Chip-in up for Joey!

Chica had a bad UTI over the weekend but is doing very much better now thank to antibiotics.  She is one tough kitty at 21!!! to the garden.  We have one single pink rose in bloom - isn't it lovely?  Pop planted broccoli and kale for the fall.  We still have cosmos and zinnia blooming and even snapdragons!  Who would have thought they would last this long?

Mist still hovering over the ridge across the road.


Most of the trees are past peak but we do still have some color here and there.  We will have warm days for the next three and then the cold comes!!!!  Brrr.  I like it warm.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Our driveway




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