Friday, July 31, 2009

New Friends on Formerly Feral Friday

I am Rosa and wanted to do this post for Formerly Feral Friday since I am one of the newer ferals to live with us cats.

Mom is real big on caring for and helping feral cats since we came into her life 10 years ago. She got us all TNR'd and even tamed us! It has been a real learning experience for her.

She found a couple of blogs about helping cats and thought since today is Formerly Feral Friday we should let everyone know about these neat folks so you can visit them too. is about a couple who volunteer at a Connecticut no kill shelter called PAWS that rescues cats.

The other blog is based in Arizona and they have been caring for a group of feral cats for three years.

Both groups are listed on our blogroll in the sidebar. These folks could use your verbal and financial support so do visit them and show them you appreciate wheat they are doing for all us cats!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Woody on Mancat Monday

I am a very shy formerly feral mancat and like to hide under things but lately I have been coming out more and Mom got this picture of me in my box! Happy Monday! Bignify the photo to see my neat markings!

For more fun pet photos visit Pet Pride at or click on the photo in the sidebar.



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