Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday with Chica

Guess what I am waiting for?  Give up?  Pop is cooking supper on the grill and he promised me a piece of his steak!  (By the way, my ears are not dirty - they are colored that way)

This grilling stuff could take a while...I might as well get comfy.  What is nice about being as old as I am (20 going on 21) is that I get sooo spoiled.  I get to eat of the beans' plate and no one else does.  Well,... they get to have what I don't eat but I get first pick!

This is taking longer than I thought...I am starting to doze off.

I smell meat!  It is coming soon cuz Mom got her plate.  She is a vegetarian so I am not very interested in her food.

Yum, yum, yum.  This was worth waiting for!  Do get to eat off your bean's plate?

Just to let you know I am feeling much better today.  I had to go to the V-E-T on Wed cuz I was throwing up the night before.  I have CRF so things like this means something is out of wack.  I am going to get sub c fluids every other day now and something called Pepcid too to help my tummy.  I am OK tho.  I got a big  21st birthday celebration coming up this month and I want to be in good shape for that.  We will keep you posted when the big day is.  So... I am thankful I get spoiled like I do and that I had had such a long wonderful life!

P.S.  Our computer crashed sometime last night and we cannot get on.  Mom will go to the library to check out things but we will have to see if we need a new computer.  If you don't hear from us for a few days - thattis why.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

 In memory of all those in uniform who gave their lives for our freedom.

Let there be peace, welfare and righteousness
in every part of the world.
Let confidence and friendship prevail
for the good of east and west
for the good of the needy south
for the good of all humanity.
Let the people inspire their leaders
helping them to seek peace by peaceful means
helping them and urging them
to build a better world
a world with a home for everybody
a world with food and work for everybody
a world with spiritual freedom
for everybody.
Let those who have the power of money
be motivated by selfless compassion.
Let money become a tool
for the good of humankind.
Let those who have power
deal respectfully with the resources of the planet.
Let them respect and maintain
the purity of the air, water, land and subsoil.
Let them co-operate to restore
the ecological soundness of Mother Earth.
Let trees grow up by the billions
around the world.
Let green life invade the deserts.
Let industry serve humanity
and produce waste that serves nature.
Let technology respect
the holiness of Mother Earth.
Let those who control the mass media
contribute to create mutual understanding
contribute to create optimism and confidence.
Let ordinary people
meet by the millions across the borders.
Let them create a universal network
of love and friendship.
Let billions of human beings
co-operate to create a good future
for their children and grandchildren.
Let us survive
In peace and harmony with Mother Earth.  ~ Hagen Hasselbalch

If we can all get along, then humans should be able to too! We are cats for peace! Happy Memorial Day ya'll!



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