Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day America!

Mr Kitty here today wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July.  Happy Birthday America!

As you can see some of us were subjected to Mom Cheri's attempt of dressing us up for the holiday!  Pretty minimal is what we allow! (Altho I do look like a super hero with a cape in mine. Don't I?)

I don't look too happy in this one.

It is a low key holiday for us with Sweetpea being sick this week and all.  She is feeling much better and has been eating on her own.  Baby food is her preference but Mom Cheri sneaks in good stuff too and vitamins! At least she is eating.

I want to ask a special favor of all of you.  My original  human parents in Massachusetts will be going through some serious surgery first thing on Tues morning July 5.  My mom is giving her kidney to my dad who has been on dialysis for over a year.  He had a liver transplant last year which is why I can't live with them anymore.  Both of them will be in the hospital for this week. Mom will come home over the weekend and Dad will be able to come home the week after. 

Mom Cheri is plenty worried about the both of them since she has known them for like, forever.  Keep them in your thoughts, purrs, prayers, healing vibes - whatever you do, send good energy to them this week for a purrfect outcome. I will keep you posted on them.

Thank you for being such great friends.  I never had online friends before and this is way cool!



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