Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday with Georgie

Mom has been posting on Facebook about my megacolon and constipation issues.  (Sorry we are talking about such icky stuff). I had to go to the vet again on Saturday and Sunday last weekend for enemas and a manual extraction under anesthesia to help me feel better.  I did feel sooo much better - I ran around the house and played with my nip toys.  

I also went for laser acupuncture on Tuesday this week to help me stay unconstipated.  That was a very interesting visit but I didn't mind at all.  I was scared when we got there so I hid in the sick hoping the vet did not see me.
In spite of all this I am still straining in the litter box and nothing is coming out...again.  Mom has switched me to Miralax - hoping that that and the acupuncture will help me.  If it doesn't then I may have to have surgery to remove the part of my colon that is not working.  I really hope that it won't come to that.

I love to nap on my back!

Thank you all for purring for me, for giving my Mom so many suggestions from your own experience with this and for keeping us in your thoughts.  You cat bloggers are the superest friends we could ever have!

P.S. Our buddy Orion of Angel Junior, Orion, Sammy and Emily blog is very ill and has to have expensive treatment for his thyroid.  His Mom is putting together an auction on Facebook to help pay his bills.  If you have anything you can donate to her for this - please do.  The auction goes live on Monday Jan 26. Mom has her email address - if you want it then email calcatsndogs AT gmail DOT com for it.



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