Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Us Revealed!

The lovely Miss Kitty from A Cat's Golden Years has passed this award on to us. If you have not visited her very classy blog, please do.

With this award we are supposed to reveal seven things about us cats....so here goes.

1. Ivy makes all sorts of noises - chirps, gurgles and does not meow like most cats.  Her meow sounds just like a ducky quacking! Someday we will tape her doing this!

2. Woody drinks from the water bowl by standing with his two front feet in it, no matter how deep the water is and licking the water off his paws.  Mom has to put an old cake pan under the bowl to catch the water. When he leaves, there is a trail of water prints through the house!

3.Snowball's closest brothers, Norm and Sam follow his every move.  When Snowball gets up to go eat from the food bowl, they all go with him and it is an orgy of eating, rubbing against each other and purring.  Pop gets in on the act and pets everybody - sometimes this is the only time you can get your hands on them. They are the most wild of the cats.

4. Tabitha is a lovely tabby and the paws of both back and front feet are totally black on the under side.She looks like she has very elegant gloves on!

5. If Al our deaf cat, doesn't like the flavor of his wet food or is done and there is still some left on the plate, he will try to bury it by scratching around the plate with his paws, covering it with the towel or blanket under it. Mom gets mad cuz then there is cat food on the towel and lint in the food.

6. When Darby uses the litter box, she will spend what seems like forever scratching, scratching, scratching and rearranging the litter to cover her dooties until Pop yells at her to stop!  It drive him nuts, especially at night when he is asleep.

7. If Mom is watching TV or resting, or reading, Yoko will lay on her, stretched out  from chest to legs with one paw next to her neck and her face right under her chin, purring and drooling all over.  Mom calls this her "fur tie" position.

Hope you enjoyed our revealing tidbits. We are supposed to give this award to seven other bloggers. Since most of you already have this, we would like to pass this on to three new bloggers - so we can learn more about them.  They are
Four Paws and Some String,   
The Krafte Kat Shack about crafting and cats
and Us 4 Cats

Pleas do stop by and say hi!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mancat Monday - The Whitesters

 Here are the rest of our white mancats...I am Norm here in the first pic.  I am a very quiet calm sorta guy.  I don't make waves, just go along with everyone.  I am Snowball's right hand cat.  Georgie is my sister and we do look a lot alike - Mom has a hard time telling us apart unless she pets us.  I am still a little shy and will be startled but Georgie loves Mom and will just start purring and get into the petting.

Next up is Only - Two Spot's brother and litter mate.  He had... you guessed it...one spot on his head that faded as he got older.  He had a serious bout with UTI this past year and had to go to the vet but now that he is on special food, he is doing great.  Mom has us mancats all on this food, just in case.  We get a little bit spread on our regular wet food.  The vet said we only needed to eat a little - it doesn't have to be the whole amount each meal. It seems to be working!

Finally, last but not least, is our main mancat Snowball.  He is a portly guy but put on all his weight after he got fixed even tho none of us other mancats did.  He doesn't seem to eat more either but Mom doesn't know how to get his weight down since we all eat together.  Snowball calls the shots, rules the roost and keeps everything going smoothly for the group.  His only problem is Al who doesn't seem to know that Snowball is HEAD CAT and not him!  They have their fights and wrestling matches but Snowball most always gets the upper hand.  If Al does, it doesn't last long and Snowball is back at the helm.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting us whisters.  And before you go, please check out Avon's story in a previous post here - Mom wants to try super hard to find a home for this little mother cat.  All her kittens were adopted but not her. Mom doesn't know how to post her picture with the link attached in a post - just on the side bar. (If anyone knows how, please tell her) Take her picture, link or whatever you need to pass along!



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