Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Squirrel Appreciation Day - Jan 21

Yup, you heard right - a day to appreciate that pesky squirrel!  Mom is not a big fan of them but we all love watching their antics.  We have a big tree in front of the house and the bird feeder is on that.  As you can see Mr Squirrel gets most of the food!

Me, Lily watching all the excitement!
Mom tried scaring them off but they would always come back.  So she moved the feeder over closer to our window under the eaves.   This did frustrate Mr Squirrel to no end!

He would jump from the railing to the feeder and hang on for dear life as he slid off.  He even climbed up the screen to see if he could reach the food...but not!  It was pretty funny to see all this.

Then one day, he and his buddies figured how to do it and now they hang upside down from the feeder just outside the window.  Pretty cheeky!  Mom has given up and just lets them have their way!

Do you have any funny stories about your squirrels?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Model Monday with Callie

Mom caught me Callie sitting in a sun puddle the other day and shot this photo.  She was trying to get the light on me without all the details and this time it came out.  Her photo club voted her on the Popular Page for this!  Kinda like my Angel sister Chica who came before, I don't photograph well in natural light due to my dark tortie colors.

It has been 2 months and 2 weeks since I came to live at Wildcat Woods and I feel like I have always been here.  I love my kibbles and sit by my bowl when anyone is in the kitchen to beg for some - it doesn't always work. Mom says I didn't get food consistently when I lived outside so now I want it all the time even tho I don't eat it all.  I am not a lap cat but do like to sit near Mom or Pop or even on the same chair and get loved up. I am very relaxed here and will fall asleep on the floor in a sun puddle with my tummy to the sun.  It makes my humans happy to see this - I don't know why.  Mom calls me Callie Callie Calico and I come to her when I hear her calling me.  I love it here!!!

We hope you enjoyed the Rubber Ducky Day photos - come back tomorrow for National Squirrel Appreciation Day - Mom has some fun shot of the squirrels outside our house.  We love squirrel TV!!!!  Do you have any funny squirrel shots or stories - post them on Jan 21!

We are asking for purrs for our special friend Moosey of Animal ShelterVolunteer Life.  He is at the vet overnight and not feeling well.  His humans are very sad and worried.



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