Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Thomas on Friend Friday

Wooly posing for Peel at the vet.

This was our post when Blogger went AWOL those two days last week.  It showed up in our drafts this week so we figured we would go ahead and post it.

Thomas (formerly known as Wooly) is the office cat at a vet I lived near and has quite a story to tell.  Sorry the pics are blurry - a friend took them with her cell phone for me.  Let's get to his story.....

It was late winter of 2005 and I kept noticing drops of blood here and there in the snow out near the feral cat shelter.  I was worried one of mine has gotten into fight and needed medical help.  All of mine were accounted for but still the drops of blood kept appearing in the snow. 

Finally I saw the injured cat - a large gray  long haired Main Coon like cat was walking slowly through the yard, dragging his left front paw.  The blood was coming from cuts on the top part of his paw which was now face down and making contact with the ground as he walked.  He couldn't seem to lift it.  I called to him but he stayed his distance.  I put food out and set a humane trap to see if I could entice him in and take him to the vet.  I would find the trap set but no cat inside. He kept coming by for food but because of his paw, he was not able to go in the trap without setting it before he was all the way in.  I didn't see him every day but when I did his paw looked the same.

Seeing him suffering like this was very upsetting..  I contacted the neighbors.  No one knew who he was or where he came from.  I began to call him Wooly because of his massive thick  fur. Another neighbor joined me in trying to capture him but he disappeared before we were able to get him safely to a vet.  We looked for him, left food out but no sign of Wooly.  Peel and I were saddened to think  some wild animal or dog must have gotten him in his weakened condition.

Late winter turned to spring and Peel phoned me,excitedly, to tell me to come with her to the vet who had his office in our neighborhood  one street over. We walked in and who do we see but Wooly, alive and well and with his damaged front leg removed!  It seems that he moved on to another street and someone was able to make friends with him enough to catch him.  Once at the vet, he was examined and tested for the viruses.  His test came back positive for Feline Leukemia. The rescuer told the vet John to put him down, not wanting to take on a sickly cat, I guess.

Wooly chillin' on the floor at the vet with his lion cut!

Of course Dr John couldn't euthanize him. Instead he set Wooly up for surgery and removed the left front leg at the shoulder.  Dr. John explained that the tendons had been severed making the leg useless. Wooly probably got it caught in a wildlife trap since we lived in a heavily wooded area in the mountains.

The office staff renamed him Thomas and decided to keep him as the official greeter. Thomas has been living the good life and serving his post at the vet's now for several years. Thomas also has a buddy to live with - a sweet tabby named Jonah who has Feline Leukemia too. His owner wanted to euthanize him after he tested positive so the vet took him on as another office cat.  They are living the good life now!

If a vet is willing to keep and care for two Feline Leukemia positive cats, it shows that they do have a chance at a good life with proper care.  I know some of you have already taken in FeLV cats and know how special they are.  Think it over seriously before giving up on a cat with FeLV!

Our sweet elderly Chica is doing much better with fluids more often.  She is back to her normal self and will be getting fluids once a week for the time being.  She is eating normally and getting around just fine.  Thank you all for your purrs and prayers for her.  Her official 20th birthday is coming up next month so we will have to have a super celebration for her.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Chica sleeping.
Chica ate some of her breakfast Monday morning before we went to the vet's for more fluids.  She has eaten a little of her food plate every few hours since and seems much more comfortable.  We would like to thank all of your for your purrs and prayers for her these past few days.  We hope she has made it past this crisis and continues to stabilize.  It does help to know that you all care and are there for us.

Mom was pooped too so took a nap with six of us piled on the bed with her.  Front to back is Tabitha, Joey, Ivy under the red blankie, Darby and Minnie at the end of the bed.  Off by herself is our dear tortie princess Chica resting comfortably after fluids.  Woody joined the pile later but scooted off when the flashy box came out.

Ivy snuggled under.

Mom will be by to visit and thank you all in the next few days.  Don't you just love the mismatched fleece Mom has on the bed?  The Tweety bird one scares some of the cats.  Woody kept pouncing on the big yellow spots!  Have you got any funny or colorful covers for your furniture?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Need Advice about Fluids and CRF!

Chica ia looking pretty good, walking around and getting up on the chair or bed herself but still not eating on her own.  She is just eating a few squirts of the watery food every few hours. She passed another clump of furball yesterday but is getting dehydrated again.  I am giving her water and electrolytes but may take her in to get sub c fluids today but...

When the ER vet gave her fluids on Thursday she was vomiting and moaning and looked very uncomfrotable after for a few hours - usually she perks up and is better.  When I got to my vet they tried to take blood to do bloodwork but her veins collapsed and they got nothing.  Without knowing what is going on, I am hestistant to give her fluids if they are going to make her sicker like last time.  I looked up online and the websites for CRF say that vomiting after fluids was a sign of the wrong fluids used. She may need added minerals like calcium or potassium.

I don't know what to do?  Has anyone had this  happen to them?  I just worry I will make her feel worse and at her age hate to do that to her.  Monday I will check in with her regular vet - should I wait until Monday on the fluids?  Thanks for all your support and help.



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