Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yoko is Home - Purrs Needed for Yoko

UPDATE - 10:30 PM Sat
Yoko is home and on antibiotics.  The vet was able to see her tonight.  Her urine specimen showed an infection but nothing else seemed wrong.  He said she was very sore in her hind quarters so perhaps it hurt her to squat to pee and she may have been holding it.  We have noticed someone is peeing just outside the box, like they backed up too close to the edge and went over.  It must be Yoko.  She was not dehydrated and all else seemed OK for her age.

She went right for the food bowl when she got home as usual and ate and ate.  Pop took the bowl away from her for while cuz he was afraid she would be sick from eating so much.  If the vomit from earlier was her, it may have been a fur ball cuz nothing seemed wrong with her tummy.   She went right to sleep next to Pop on the sofa and has been there since.  She is Pop's girl - she is the only cat we got at a shelter and Pop picked her out.  All the others found us!

Cute story about tonight - Pop dropped Yoko off and was told the vet could not see her for a couple of hours so he ran errands.  When he came back he visited the sick kitties and pups in the vet's office, petting them thru the cage bars.  One tiny fluffy kitten was wailing his head off and the vet tech asked Pop if he wanted to hold the kitten to give him some attention.  They had been swamped with emergencies and had not spent any time with him.  Pop put the kitten on his lap the whole time he waited for the vet to see Yoko.  He had a good time with the tiny fluffball.  The office cat Fred was also on the waiting room sofa with him so Pop got a good dose of kitty loving!

Thank you all for your prayers, concern and purrs.  We think it helped.  We will post again to let you know how Yoko is doing but the worst seems to have passed.  We were worried it was another episode like Chica had when she was in ICU for three days!  At their age, you never know...

Mom has to work today but Pop rushed Yoko to the VET - she had been trying to use the litter box, threw up and then was dribbling blood.  We hope it is just a UTI but at 18 you never know.  Please send purrs for her to be OK!  She stopped to eat -- when she gets nervous, she eats so we think that is a good sign.

We will have to leave her at the VET - they were busy with emergencies.  Will keep you posted.  Please send purrs and prayers!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Turkey Day! (And Gotcha Day!)

You gotta love a holiday that centers around a large, flightless bird!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends 
from the Cats of Wildcat Woods.

(Mom used me for her Turkey Day poster but didn't even remember that it was my Gotcha Day too!)

Sorry Joe - we took Joey in from living outside with the feral group after he had been beaten up a few times and developed abscesses from the wounds.  It was Thanksgiving and while Pop cooked the fixings Mom lured Joey into the enclosed porch and shut the door.  Then she had to catch him - he hid behind the second refrigerator most of the morning but she manged to catch him before dinner and put him in a small room to get used to being inside.  His sister Minnie was already in and she helped Joe relax. We are so glad Joe is an inside boy now - he is a lover not a fighter.

And we have a winner - the Awkward Family Pet Photos book give-away  drawing was on 11/22.  Using, we put in the number of entries and the winner is....drumroll.......Alasandra, The cats and a Dog. We will contact them for an address to mail a copy to.  Congrats guys!

We will catch you all next week - Mom's gotta take a break - too much going on over the next few days!

(card idea from American Greetings)

Good-bye Holly

We want to say good-by to Marg's Holly who had to be helped to the bridge today.  

We just met her a couple of weeks ago when we visited Marg and all her critters.  Holly was very thin but so sweet, wise and loving.  She really liked our Pop and wanted to sit on his lap and be petted the whole time.  We are glad we got to meet her.

If you have not been by already, please stop by Marg's Pets to offer words of comfort and to say good-by to a very dear old ladycat. We lit a candle for Holly - to see it go here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Intruder on Mancat Monday

Snowball here with a serious Intruder Alert!  I spy some interloper on our territory!  Attention mancats!!!

Two Spot reporting for duty.  I got my eye on the intruder.

He is messing with the wrong mancats here.  Who does he think he is coming down to our yard, rolling on our driveway and acting all smug and cute for Mom?  Hey Jack!  Just make sure buddy, that you know this is our place and not yours!

Thankfully he gets too excited when Mom tries to pet him and nips!  She has to limit petting and stay back or he goes after her full force - trying to nip her toes - kinda crazy that cat!

Intruder Alert suspended for the day!  Jack has gone back up the hill to his place.  He better not be seen around here too often!  I don't care that he likes to hunt our mice.  Get your own mice Jack!!



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