Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Adios Mamacita (2004-2018)

Last week x-rays at the vet showed a large abdominal mass and fluids in Mamcita's tummy.  She had been off her food and vomiting more. It was most likely lymphoma but with her still being so feral any further testing and treatment was not an option.  We had to sedate her to handle her for anything - medications, putting her in the carrier.

Rosa was with her all last night and morning today.

We pampered Mamacita for this past week with catnip, milk, anything she would eat, telling her how much we loved her and how special she was. She spent her last night curled up with her daughter Rosa who seemed to know something was going on.  This morning we let Mamacita go at home.  She was sitting on my lap with Don next to us.  Both of us surrounded her with Reiki light and love as the vet gave the final injection. It was peaceful and easy.  Before we buried her, we laid Mamacita's body on the floor in a blue blanket for the other cats especially Rosa to see and knowledge.

Five month old Mamacita

I had contacted an animal communicator a few days ago to find out how Mamacita felt about this turn of events.  Mamacita , the communicator told me, was very independent, strong willed and always had to be in control.  She preferred to let this illness take it's natural course and trusted me to not let her suffer.  Mamacita was so appreciative of us letting her be who she was during the years we had her.  She was glad we respected her boundaries.

Left to right Mamacita, Rosa and Manny

What can I say about this sweet, stubborn and determined girl?  She came to us as a tiny young five month old mother with two kittens.  (Rosa and Manny who passed in 2006.) I trapped all three cats when I saw that the kittens had terrible URI's. We treated the kittens and got them all spayed and neutered.  Shortly after this procedure, Mamacita lost the use of her front legs.  If you picked her up they would dangle down.  She would slide on her belly on the floor propelling herself forward with her back legs. We were devastated but already had planned on keeping her and her kittens.

After many vet visits to find out the cause of this  paralysis, we went to our holistic vet as a last ditch attempt to help Mamacita.  Dr Maggie gave her a homeopathic remedy and within a few hours Mamacita showed movement in her front legs.  We increased the dose and she was able to move the legs in an awkward  walk. eventually she was able to walk almost normally.  As she aged her gait was a bit stiff in the morning but improved as the day went on.  We gave her CBD powder for the stiffness and it helped.

Mamacita loved boxes, napping kitty piles with Rosa and Angel Joey.  She was quite the hunter and loved to chase spiders, ants and moths.

The sitting on screen porch or next to an open window brought joy to her days.  She was not a lap cat but on rare occasions, she would slowly situate herself on my lap or sit with tow paws on my leg next to me.  If I moved too fast, she was gone.

Being a plus sized girl, Mamacita had a cute habit of hooking her claws on the back of the chair before she groomed herself to keep from rolling over when she was reaching to her  tummy and below!

She allowed us to pet her eventually but only when and where she picked.  If friends came to visit, Mamacita disappeared. She was the cat most people never saw. 

She was a devoted Mom to Rosa and they were inseparable.  I have saved some blankets with Mamacita's scent on them for Rosa.
She loved to roll on Don's smelly sneakers!

She had a special place in our lives and we will always remember her.  She is buried on our land next to Mr Kitty with the catnip and treats she loved so much.  A bouquet of wildflowers graces the grave.  Say hi to Manny and Joey dear girl.  We will see you all soon.



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