Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Hunt - Triangle

Mom thinks my face forms a perfect triangle. I am not sure if that is a complement or not. Anyway she is using me for the Photo Hunt today - the theme is triangle!

For other triangle posts visit Photo Hunt and for just plain animal posts visit Camera Critters. Have a great day! Two Spot here signing out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Forever Friday with Tina and Peace

Today we are visiting an animal shelter in the High Country near Boone, NC. The Watauga Humane Society is a low kill shelter with both dogs and cats.

Someone saw a car slow down and toss Tina out the car window. Tina is very people friendly despite her experience. Tina is two and has been here at the Watauga Humane Shelter since December 2008. Here she is posing pretty in the cats room. Please help find her a forever home!

This beautiful sweet guy was adopted from the shelter as a kitten and just recently ended up in a shelter in Charleston, SC. His owner was contacted and did not want Peace back so one of the shelter employees went to Charleston and got him. Peace is an amazing cat and would fit into any family. He is 2 years old and long haired. Please help find him a forever home by re posting this everywhere!

More info on adopting these two great cats can be found online at the Watauga Humane Society.

UPDATE - Bella from last week's Forever Friday is still at the shelter. Franzia, featured a few weeks back, from Brother Wolf Rescue was adopted! The other cats Clubber and Big Boy are still available - just search for Forever Friday on this blog to see their posts.

URGENT - Our only no-kill shelter - Brother Wolf Rescue is having severe financial problems. They are determined not to close no matter what it takes but they need help. Please help in any way you can. Every town needs a no-kill shelter! (The local paper did an article on them and helped raise awareness of their situation - things look better but they still need help. Please read the letter on their home page from the Executive Director thanking all who have donated so far.)

Thanks for helping us help homeless pets!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Join us for more Wordless Wednesday!

PS Chica had her 19th birthday on 6/24/10 - CB posted it again today by mistake!

Tortie Tuesday

Hi everybody...Chica here today. I just want to set the record straight about me. I may be 19 but I still get around. I don't sleep all day as most of you might think! I love to play with my egg in the bed with Mom.

I keep Tabitha company and help her clean herself. She is still lonely being the last one to come inside. I think she misses her momcat.

I help Mom with the computer. I sit in her lap sometimes when she is working and help with the keyboard or I just snoopervise from the desk top. I like to lick her hands when she is typing (which drives her nuts) heeheehee.

I love to play and go to our toy box and pick out my favorite toy to play with. I like my mousy and the little jingle balls best.

So you see I live quite an active life for my age. I also like to watch the goats across the street and keep an eye on things outside.

Have a great day and please visit Gattina for Cats on Tuesday. Oh and Mom wants to thank you all for the nice comments on our blog's new look!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Name Game

We are a little late but thought we would join in on this fun game of how we got our names. Or at least some of us......

Chica was found while we lived in Florida in a town with a large migrant population so we thought a Spanish name was more appreciate. We named her chica for "little girl". We also call her Cheeky and Cheek.

Yoko came next and she had a loud whiny meow and talked constantly. It sounded a lot like Yoko Ono the name Yoko came to mind. Yoko also is called Yokie, Yokie Doke and Yoke.

Ivy was the first of our feral cats to get named. Since she lived outside I guess Mom was thinking plant names. Fern was another name she considered but Ivy seemed right. We call her Ive or Ivy do too.

The first feral litter was four kittens - 3 black and 1 tabby. Mom named Joey the tabby after Joey Tribiani on the show Friends cuz Joe was a ladies mancat. Two black kittens had big ears like Micky and Minnie Mouse - so Minnie got her name but Micky got changed to Nicky after he was TNR'd and they nicked his ear. Little Leroy was named after Pop's dog from years ago but Leroy disappeared at 6 months and we never found him or saw him again. Nicky went to the Bridge from cancer when he was 6.

Darby was caught on St. Patrick's day and Mom thought she was a boy so had named her a nice Irish name like Darby - we kept the name anyway. Darby gets called Dabba do after the Flintstones.

Sweetpea was so tiny as a kitten and still is at 5 pounds that Mom was calling her sweetie even from the beginning. Sweetpea seemed close enough to sweetie for her name. We also call her Sweepy.

This is going to be along post...we gotta lotta want us to keep going? OK...we will.

Mamacita showed up outside with 2 tiny kittens even tho she was almost a kitten herself. We went for the Spanish names again with Mamacita meaning "little mom" and Rosa and Manny for the two kittens. Manny went to the Bridge from a bladder blockage at age 2.

Al was named after Albert Einstein cuz his long white fur was sticking up everywhere as a kitten! We also cal him Ally Boo, or Ally B - even tho he can't hear us!

Now we come to the white cats.....that was a challenge and by now Mom was running out of name ideas. Lily and her kitten Snowball were first - Mom was trying for names about white things. Pretty obvious. Lily gets called Lil lil or just Lil.

Lily's second litter was 3 white and 1 tabby. We couldn't tell them apart so someone suggested George, George and George like George Foreman's kids! Mom liked that idea but Pop didn't, so Georgie, a girl got to keep the George part and the other 3 boys got named Norm, Woody and Sam from the TV show Cheers.

The next litter before we finally caught and spayed the ever elusive Lily was also 3 white and 1 tabby! The tabby is Tabitha - cuz she is a tabby! The white ones all had a thumb print of black fur on their foreheads - Two Spot had two spots, Only had one spot and Smidge just had a smidge of a black spot on her. The spots eventually faded away so now people wonder what their names mean but Mom thought it would help her tell who is who! So much for that idea!

And we might as well do Mom too - she was named after a radio show about a tugboat named Cherylann - with the ch sound like in cherry. She never really liked her name so changed it a lot to Cheri, Cher and finally just Cheryl.

Hope you didn't fall asleep during this...have a restful day! Time for a nap now!



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