Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Mo'Cats Day!!!!

Mom almost forgot to do this today.  She thought it was on Saturday - geez, she doesn't know what day it is anymore!!!  On top of it all she has to take Chica to the VET today for fluids.  Anyway - we are proud to be members of cats online, Facebook and Twitter - there is no stopping us, cuz cats will rule the world!!!!!  There are not many places where you will find Mo' Cats than our house.......



Mamacita and Joey







When Mom gets back from the VET, she will post pics of the rest of us.....We are back from the VET and Chica did great.  She will not need sub c fluids again for two weeks.  Now for the rest of us....



Two Spot


Norm and Sam



Bet you don't have Mo' Cats than us!!!!  Happy Mo' Cats Day from all of us!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday Whopping with Chica

Oh look, an empty paper bag!  I think I will go check it out.

This is great.  I love to practise my whopping on the bag.  (Whop, whop whop goes her front feet on the back of the bag.)

(Chica doesn't see Sweetpea on the other side of the bag.)  The bag's moving mom!  And it's making lots of noise too!

All that whopping wore me out.  I think I have done enough for today! I am gonna curl up for a 
snug nap in here.

Do you have a favorite place to nap?  This is my new favorite place. Happy napping ya'll!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ivy's Gotcha Day

 Uh oh, looks like Mom forgot my Gotcha Day!  Since we got our computer back it has been nothing but problems.  Some programs are on it but don't work, others have to be reloaded ad then all our pictures are in one big file so it takes her forever to find one!!!

 It's OK tho - I am very happy in my home and so glad Mom gotcha'd me six years ago.  I spent six years living as part of a feral group outdoors and was very independent and would not let anyone catch me or pet me (except when Mom caught me to get me spayed)

All my brothers ad sisters had died or had been brought in to live indoors for some reason or another but Mom hated to bring me inside cuz I loved living wild!  She was afraid I would be unhappy inside but I love it.  No more worries about food, getting attacked by a dog or wild animal.  I love Mom and sit on her lap and make all sorts of funny noises cuz I am so happy.  When she pets me I can drool up a storm!  Life is good indoors!!!!  Thanks for taking me inside Mom.

Since this was short notice I will just share my treats and toys with you all for my party.  There is catnip (my favorite), Temptations, stinky goodness and lots of nip toys, balls and large stuffed toys to bunny kick!  Have fun and thanks for coming by!



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