Saturday, June 6, 2015

Georgie Update

 Thank you all for the purrs, comments and graphics for Georgie.  She is still with us but has a long road ahead. When the internal medicine specialist did blood work, she found her liver enzymes high and in the untrasound, Georgie's liver was enlarged.  The vet asked to do a needle aspirate to find out if it was liver disease or cancer.  I took this photo above, thinking it may be the last time I saw her sweet face. 

My husband and I had decided that if it was cancer (most likely lymphoma) we would not pursue any treatment. If it was a liver disease then we would go ahead with a feeding tube and continue the treatment..  It was so very upsetting to leave her there not knowing what the outcome would be.  We kissed her goodbye and went home feeling very sad and helpless.  As we pulled into our town, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us with both ends visible!  Don and I chased the rainbow in the car like two kids on a scavenger hunt, looking for the pot of gold.  I took it as a good sign for Georgie.

We got the call from the vet saying that it was fatty liver disease and that she did put the feeding tube in.  Georgie will be monitored at the vet for as long as it takes to get all her blood values up to normal.  Then she can come home with us, using the feeding tube until she eats on her own.  Her being diabetic complicates this even more but we are up for the challenge.

We are very hopeful that she will recover as she is only 9 years old and has much of her life left to live.  Our bills have accumulated substantially and we have set up a  page to help us.  Even a dollar from each of our readers helps us tremendously!  With 17 other senior cats, many with special medical needs, this expense, however worth it,  puts us in the hole for the others.

Please share this link  - Georgie's Fund

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Purrs for Georgie

UPDATE THURS PM - We had to bring Georgie from her vet to another one open 24 hours.  She is not responding to her treatment as well as they would like.The ER vet suggested pancreatitis or perhaps hyperthyroid as the reason behind her blood sugar issues.  She will see an internal medicine specialist on Friday. Please keep her in your thoughts.

We have not posted this week cuz Georgie, who has diabetes,  has not been well.  She had constipation issues last week and then some  dehydration.  She seemed to perk up but then on Wednesday, Mom got real worried  and took her to the vet.  Georgie was very lethargic, vomited and wouldn't eat.

She is in ketoacidosis from too little insulin or her body is not processing it right.  We caught her in the early stages so she will hopefully not have to stay a full week at the vet like last time.  This is very serious so please put your paws together and purr and pray for her to be well. 

Thanks from all of us!

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this graphic



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