Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making Biscuits - the Lazy Way

It's me Rosa and I want to show you how I make biscuits without even getting up!  I just stretch me legs whilw I nap and knead my catmom, Mamacita!

She's so busy grooming herself, she doesn't even notice me!  Isn't this a great technique?  Have you got a special way to make biscuits?

Mom has started a new blog to help pet bloggers find other pet bloggers who live in their states, countries or even just close by.  Stop by Pet Blogging Buddies and check it out.  We even have other countries on there too - if we don't have yours do tell us and we will add it. It is slow going to add each link and we appologize.  Mom still using a borrowed laptop and not doing real well with it!!! She will get it all done.



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