Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Ham-Micks!

Mom bought us two Ham-Micks months ago but never even gave them to us!!!! Finally she did this fall and just now is getting around to showing you how much fun there are!

Minnie tries it out while Chica snoopervises.

"This is nice and firm like I like it" says Minnie.

Minnie and Chica were the first to check them out of the inside cats.  This older crowd was more subdued in their first Ham-Mick try-out.

This one is mine - all mine!

Out side with the younger cats it was a whole other story!  Al just hopped on and claimed it as his own.  Poor Two Spot had to just wait his turn!

 I fit just right in it too!

Time for a nap!

Uh comes Two Spot. I'm not moving!!!

"I will snooze right here and wait for my turn" says Two Spot.

We give these Ham-Micks 80 paws up!!! They are sturdy and comfy!  If you would like your own Ham-Mick just go visit Forty Paws blog and order one or two!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tree Trimming Tips from Minnie

Our purrfect tree.

Mom and Pop went to the Christmas tree farm this weekend to get our tree.  We gave them specific instruction - we want our tree to be purrfect!

Pop helping the tree guy cut the tree.

When we got home, me, Minnie,  took charge of snoopervising the trimming.  I had to inspect all of the boxes and bags to make sure I approved.  We went with the sparkly look this year with lots of festive colors!

First put the lights on.  we chose white this year.  Then the ornaments and finally the garland.  Mom won't use tinsel or icicles on account of we will play with them and eat them.  They look so fun and yummy!  I let Yoko help - she is old so we let her do whatever she wants.  I can't wait to be old and get all that special treatment.

Yoko checking out the trim.

This one is from Mom's Grandma.

Mom's ornaments are old..some are from her grandmother and others from her Mom.  She gets a new one or two every year to add to the collection.  She has so many, she creates a new theme every year - sometimes just blue and white, or mainly red or just white. I think the tree came out very nice this year?  What kinds of decorations do you have on your tree?

Another real old ornament.

Our tree all trimmed.
I like this one best!
If you would like a Christmas card from us (Mom is emailing them but you don't have to wait on her)  just help yourself to the card over on the sidebar.  Hope you have as much fun trimming your tree as we did.



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