Monday, February 22, 2016

Winning Monday

Me checking out the goodies

Callie here posting today.  To quote Charlie Sheen...winning...Monday is here.  We have the winners of our blogoversary post and we are showing off our prizes for winning Ellen's blog 15 and Meowing's Valentine give-away - all handmade - a nip flavored mat to nap on, two nip toys and an eyeglass case for Mom.

Us first...the kitties were very surprised that they got a fun package in the mail from Ellen and her furry gang. I noticed the goodies right away and went over to inspect them.  The catnip toy caught my fancy and off I went, batting it all over the kitchen and living room floors.  Mom tried to get a picture but I was just a blur!

Mr. Kitty with the nip toy

Mr. Kitty pounced on the other catnip toy.  He was snockered in no time.  Rolling on the mat and even sucking the mat - have some control, boy!

Even quiet Mamacita come out from her nap nook to check out the mat. She was a bit more subdued than Mr Kitty but enjoyed it nevertheless.  Mom liked her eyeglass case too.  Thank you Ellen - we love our prizes!

Mamacita on the mat
Now for the winners of our blogoversary post - drum roll.....for Prize #1  - a cat coloring book for the human and cats toys and treats - the winner is none other than Ellen of 15 and Meowing and no this was not  fixed! Just a lucky coincidence! The question was who is our deaf cat - Al or Albert is the answer.

No one got the answer quite correct to question #2 - how many cats did we have when we first began blogging.  But Jackie and Flynn of  Our Life with Flynn (and Angel Eric) guessed the closest with 18. If you didn't know the answer, you would have had to look at all the photos on the side bar, subtracted the kitties from before, then the seven who went to the Bridge since 2009 and added two for Callie and Mr Kitty who joined us in later years - and that equals 20.  We had 20 cats when Mom started up the blog.  Years ago when people asked how many cats we had, Pop would mumble the answer - he was a bit embarrassed at first but most people we met had even more!  The prize for the question was  cat note cards, toys and treats.

And for the final question - most of our cats were formerly what? Isabel, a Google + follower, guessed wild (or feral) and was the first to guess that. The prize of a book about cats, and assorted cat treats and toys will be sent to her. 

Thank you for coming to our blogoversary and for being our friends.  Mom says she will try to post more often.  Her big 60th birthday is coming up next week - it is also the 3rd anniversary of Angel Chica's passing. I am sure we will post for that so see ya then!



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