Monday, November 16, 2015

Georgie is Home from the ER Vet

Georgie during visiting hours
 Last week Georgie, who is diabetic,  was not herself - not eating much and just laying around. I made an appointment with the internal medicine specialist at our ER veterinary hospital for Friday.  They examined her and found her potassium low, her BUN high, her blood glucose very high and she was extremely dehydrated as well.  They kept her overnight Friday.

She was doing better by Saturday afternoon when I visited but her numbers were not down yet so she spent another night there as well.  I could tell she was feeling better  as she was more alert and eating for the techs.  We had a good visit and I felt she would come home Sunday which she did.

She preferred snuggling in my coat.

She has been eating like a trooper and acting much more herself.  I will call the vet specialist on today to find out what caused this and how we can prevent it from happening again.  Initially the vet felt that we would have to adjust her insulin but that does not seem to be the case now.  I am just happy to have my baby girl home with us.  Thank you for all the purrs and comments on our Facebook pages about Georgie.  It worked!

Jack with his nip toy in Sept.

Please keep our neighbor cat Jack, who I have mentioned in the blog often, in your purrs and prayers.  He has been missing for 15 days now - not usual for him.  We live in the woods with a few homes - theirs, ours and a couple of others.  He never went across the road.  His mom came by a few days back to ask me if I had seen him.  She seems to feel something bad happened to him.  He always came home every night.  We do have all sorts of wild animals and raptors in the woods.  I keep looking for his little face at the back screen door but it hasn't happened..  After scouring the yard and the part of the forest he usually frequented, there wasn't a trace of him or anything that looks disturbed.  I am heartbroken - he was our outdoor part time cat.  I will keep you posted

P.S. I apologize for not getting around to the Veteran's Day posts - I was assist feeding Georgie every few hours all  last week to keep her from getting fatty liver disease again.  I was so worried - all my efforts went to her.  I will try to catch up this week.



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