Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ooops - Mom Forgotted!

Mom fogotted again!! She forgot my Gotcha Day last year too. She even looked thru the CB calendar to make sure there were no days this month she should remember and didn't see my day!

But I know she loves me and is very glad I am living with her inside. I have been an indoor kitty for only 7  years but am about 14 years old we think.  I came with the house  the folks bought and had just had a litter of kittens and was very skinny and hungry.  Mom put out food for me and got me spayed when it was OK. I lived outside until all my buddies had been taken indoors or had gone to the Bridge.  This pic below is me with the last of my buds - both have gone to kitty heaven now.

She was worried I would be too wild but I am a love bug and want all kinds of loving and like laps.  I also have FIV but am doing very well and live with lots of other kitties who are not FIV. I think I am Mom's favorite cuz I had such a hard life outside - she really pampers me and I soak it up.

I am the black cat on the left, Nick is on the right and Big Guy is behind me.
Anyway - we will have to throw a quick celebration together - some nip, tuna, salmon and Temptations (the Natural ones).  Help yourself and thanks for coming by!!!



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