Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hail Storm and Chica Still Needs Purrs

Chica surveying the storm mess.

Chica helping Mom make the bed before she got sick.

Keep those purrs coming...Chica passed a small hair ball last night but we think more is still in there as she still won't eat.  I am feeding her a mixture of baby food, psyllium, slippery elm and then giving her Laxatone!  Something will come out.  The vet does not feel this is at all the last stages of CRF - just a case of dehydration and a hairball issue. Chica is up and walking around, sitting with me and checking out the window scenes.

Potato plants with hail.

We had a wild night last night to boot - pea sized hail and strong storms!!!!  Here are pics of our veggie garden with the hail in it.  It was very scary and lasted for 15 minutes or more coming in waves.  The kitties all hid under the beds, sofa or sat next to me.

Hail in lettuce bed.

Hail on Mom's new car!

Lily and Only in their screen porch after the hail storm.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tortie Friday - Purrs Please

Chica has stopped vomiting and is drinking water on her own but has not eaten. Her vet does not want her to go without eating as it can cause liver issues so we are feeding her broth and baby food with slippery elm in it every couple of hours to help glide things thru. Thank you for all your purrs!

We had a post for Friends Friday but Blogger ate it and we don't feel like writing it again!!!

We could use purrs for our 20 year old Chica who has CRF - she crashed yesterday and I had to go get sub cutaneous fluids  ASAP at a nearby vet.  I can do it but not alone and hubby was at work.  She continued to vomit all night when she would try to use the litter box so I suspect she was constipated too.

Chica in her PTU

Got in to see our vet this morning and she said along with constipation, Chica may have a furball that needs to come out.  She has stopped vomiting and is resting comfortably.  I fed her watery baby food in a syringe and got some furball goo in her too.  Both stayed down.

I need to keep feeding her food, water and furball goo over the weekend and check in with our vet on Monday.  Keep those purrs coming!!!!!  Thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Winner on Tabby Tuesday

Yoko on right sharing her new nip toy with Joey.

Thank you all for stopping by to wish me a happy 18th Gotcha Day. I had a great time at the party!!!!  Monday was a day of rest for me but now I am up and at  'em again, playing with my new toys!

Using, Mom picked a winner for the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul grand prize ....and the winner is Hannah  and Lucy.  Since they live overseas, they generously offered to give the prize to Marg of Marg's Pets.  Congrats to Marg.  You will be getting your cat food, gift certificate and book in the mail soon.



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