Thursday, November 18, 2010

Femme Friday

We are sooo excited to be hatted by the talented and creative Mom Judi of Sammy and Andy from Sammy and Andy's Place..  There are a lot of ladycats in this household so we are doing a few at a time.  This week we are featuring....drumroll pelase.......

Demure Darby

Spectacular Sweet Pea

and Legendary Lily!

Don't they look so glamorous?  We are just thrilled. Thank you so much Judi - you did a great job as always!

We did not do our usual Forever Friday post this week to bring you this splash of glam but we would like to ask your help in rescuing some kittens.  

Winging Cat Rescue has been trying to save some adorable kittens and we have their photo with the Chip-In button below it in our sidebar.  Thanks to you the ones we posted yesterday who were in dire need have been rescued.  Please pass this picture on, Tweet it, post on Facebook or donate even a small amount to help get the funds needed by Saturday November 20 to rescue Bonnie and Clyde! Every little effort counts and Sammy and Andy are the proof of what we as a group can do! Thank you each and every one.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darby on Tuxie Thursday

With all us cats, some of us get overlooked for blog time.  I told Mom I had not been on in a while so today is my turn. I real happy cuz Pop came home from a trip to see his family in Texas.  Mom didn't go - she stayed home to take care of us. It's a lot of work for Mom to do alone.

And I am also happy that Sammy and Andy hatted me and two of my sisters this week.  We will be featured on their blog on Friday Nov 19 and on here on Friday too. I am soooo excited! Wait until you see my hat!

One more thing...this week instead of our Forever Friday. Mom wants to help two poor kitties on death row in a high kill shelter that uses a gas chamber.  This is an effort by Winging Cats Rescue of Facebook. Their Chip-In button is on our sidebar under their photo. Please help in any way you can.  They have almost raised enough money to rescue them - just a little more and we have saved two more kitties. Update - The money has been raised for these two and they are safe!.  Thanks so much.... but two tiny kittens Bonnie and Clyde also need our help.  See the Chip in posted on my sidebar or donate via Paypal to

Thank you for stopping by and for helping.  If all you can do is pass this post on to help the kitties, that is enough. We all do what we can .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful on Tuesday

Mom's friend Sallie gave us her old kitty condo for or catio!  She has two cats and they don't play with this anymore so she thought we would like to have it.  Wow we love this condo. It has four spots to hang out - two cubby holes and two platforms.

Mom was worried us guys would pee on it if it smelled like other cats and she couldn't find our Feliway so she sprinkled catnip all over it.  Al was the first to sniff it out and came over for a closer look.

He gets a little wild with nip!  Mom cleaned the condo up outside but trailed some leaves in with it.  Al is wearing some leaves too.

Pretty soon he got nipped out, going off to watch the birdies and chipmunks (it's even more fun when you are stoned on nip) and we all went to check this new furniture out. Whoo hoo...nip and on every level!

Two Spot in a cubbyhole.

Sam in the tube.
Pretty soon we were all bouncing off the walls and running wildy everyhwere.  Two Spot is hyper anyway so he was just running straight up the condo!  Doesn't he look a little crazy?

This a great surprise and we are loving it.  We all sit on it everyday.  When one of us gets off the other gets in that spot.  So far no fights!  All together now kitties--- "Thank you Auntie Sallie!"

Your help needed urgently
We want to help these two kitties who are facing death by gas chamber - please donate or pass this on - Pogo and Ping Pong!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worldwide Moment

Today November 14 we will be joining  the Worldwide Moment to send loving thoughts and positive energy to our furred and feathered friends here and waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Our animal companions give us so much - love, friendship, laughter are a few of the benefits we get from them.  To find out more about this great idea and to join go to the blog of the Two Wires.

We have lost so many dear animals over the years - Bob and Leroy were sweet feral cats who disappeared suddenly when they were about 6 months old.  We never found any clue as to what happened.  Mom tried to help a couple of other ferals but they had health problems that were too serious and we lost them.  Others lived out their lives outdoors and finally died of old age or some unknown disease with Mom there with them to help them pass.

Ferals Big Guy and Nick have gone to the Bridge.

Mom had a sweet little dog named Bunny when she was a teenager.  They were inseparable.  She always loved animals and made friends with all the neighborhood dogs and cats. Losing them was like losing her own.  When she had a pet sitting business, she got to know donkeys, horses and even a pot bellied pig.
The pig, Rudy, passed while the owners were away and Mom was there with him sending Reiki light to help him find his way to the Bridge.

Rudy chowing down.

Our dear Clarence was a stray who wandered into our yard and charmed us all.  We only had him for 18 months when he died of cancer complications.  No matter how long or short their stay with us is, they capture our heart and take a piece of it with them when they go.

Charming Clarence.

Many animal friends have gone to the Bridge this year and we will send lots of healing light to their families left behind and to the ones still here who are ill.  We will be thinking of all those homeless animals on the streets or in shelters that they find a safe place to live out their lives.

Our time for the Worldwide Moment is 6PM - let's all simultaneously join together to send our light and love to all animals everywhere.  Namaste.



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