Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov 1 - Callie's First Gotcha Day

It is my first Gotcha Day and I doubt I have ever had one before.  Mom found me in the parking lot at night when she got off work.  I knew a good Mom when I saw her and ran up to her meowing like crazy.  She couldn't resist even tho she knew Pop would blow his stack at another cat.  But I won him over too. and here I am a year later.

I love it here and have settled right in.  I love kibbles but they don't feed dry foo so I have to beg for some.  I like to sit on the eating counter overlooking the sink and stare - usually it works and I get kibbles in my bowl.

If that doesn't work, then I run ahead of the beans to the room they are going and sit next to the bowl in there with a pitiful expression on my cute face.  That's gets them every time.  Mom calls me her begging Buddha Cat - I always sit next to an empty bowl.

I look good and feel good now - I was thin and had all kinds of worms initially - yuck.  Probably from living outside.  Mom did track down my original owner and she gave me up cuz she had an older cat who picked on me all the time.  The lady who took me must have left me behind when she moved out west cuz Mom found me months later in the same area but no one knew how to contact her.

I avoid other cats and stay to myself but love Mom and Pop.  The others don't bother me but I guess I am just  scared cuz I got picked on in my old home. I am not a lap cat but love to sit next to the beans and will go ask to be petted if I feel like I want some lovin'.  I even sleep on the bed with them - way down on the foot so I don't bother Pop.   I guess three is the charm for me - I love my forever home.

Please help yourself to our nip apps - raw nip, nip treats and a nip 'nana for each of you! Have fun and thanks for coming to my party.  Don't forget that Snowball is having his party on Sunday!  A lot of partying here!

P.S. we are supposed to get snow on Sat.  so if your comments don't get posted, our power went off.  We hope that doesn't happen cuz I want to enjoy my first party!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Lily goes punk!

Happy Halloween to one and all.!  Mom only posted one post for this week even tho this is her favorite holiday.  Just too much going on along with two Gotcha Days coming up on Nov 1 and 2!  Busy busy busy!

Without further ado, we would like to announce the 2014 Halloween costumes - Lily and Sweetpea.

Sweetpea doing her impression of a lazy chef.

And for the skittish whitesters who will NOT let Mom put a costume on the we have some tongue in cheek costumes with Two Spot and Smidge modeling.

Two Spot as quarterback (hehehe)

Smidge going as an Identity Thief
  We posted this before on previous Halloween's but this is a house that Mom drives by on her way to work - they go all out from Halloween until St Pat's, changing the color of the lights and theme with each month!

We thank you for stopping by and hope you will come back for both Gotcha Days - Callie's on Nov 1 for her first  one with us and Snowball's on Nov 2.  Have a fun, spooky All Hallow's Eve!

P.S. We have a winner for the goodie bag given away for the commenter who guessed first who Al was named after on his Gotcha day post - Caren and Cody! (Mom will get your address)



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