Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's me Joey showing off all the Christmas cards us cats got this year from our dear blogging friends.  Waaaay more than Mom and Pop got!

Sweetpea checks out the gifts.

 The holiday season is one of many surprises...not just cards but gifts under the tree and some even with our names on them!

Whatcha doin' Mom?

Mom has that flashy box out all the time, surprising us when we least expect it!.  

 Mom please, some privacy!!!!

Every morning we surprise Mom by leaving ornaments on the floor under the tree.  We like to redecorate the tree daily!

Mamacita making sure no one opened her gift yet.

We hope your holiday is filled with lots of wonderful surprises.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from our house to yours!  We will be taking a break for a few days.  See ya next week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas for the Whitesters!

Me, Two Spot

Two Spot here today. Our Aunt Sallie gave us a big cat tree a couple of years ago and we have torn that thing to shreds - Mom will have to recover it.  She left it in our catio as we love the perches on it.  So when Mom went by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to drop off some dog food, she visited their thrift shop and found a big cat scratcher with a perch.  This is an early Christmas gift for us from her and Pop.

Our new perch/scratcher
Nip makes me happy!

We love our new perch - Mom sprinkled some catnip on it to make sure everyone will come see it and sure enough we did.  I was the first one to try it out and the others came out from their hidy spots.  Mom drapes blankets over our chairs to give is warm snuggle spots in the winter to nap.  I am a big fan of nip - can you tell?

Al checks it out.

Al found it and everyone left - they are afraid of Al as he can be a bully sometimes.  He really get crazy over nip! Have you gotten any early gifts yet? 

Thank you for all your Christmas cards - both email and snail mail.  Mom will post about them and put the rest of them on the blog this week - promise!! 



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