Friday, March 20, 2009

Formerly Feral Nursing Home

This has been a wild week at Wildcat Woods...I feel like I am running a cat nursing home here. The older kitties have chronic issues and things just escalate all at once.

Minnie ( all black) has IBS and was having a bad week with colitis and looking poorly. I think she may have been constipated. She goes back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. I added colostrum (see my Cats and Dogs Naturally article) to her diet and it seems to be helping. My vet will send a glandular for intestinal issues to add to that.

Yoko (tan tabby) has thyroid issues and she seems to be developing some kidney problems. Thyroid irregularities can affect the heart, liver and kidneys. I have boosted her diet with Chica's (who has chronic renal failure) supplements and it seems to be helping. She is more active and less mopey.

Every morning the first one up walks through an obstacle course in the house of hairball vomit, puddles of frothy mucus, etc....yecch... and I don't' know who did what. This week it was more than usual so I was trying to keep and eye on everyone.

It seems like all is on track again today and everyone is doing OK for the time being! I am glad I can treat some of this myself with phone calls to my vet --- very expensive to run to the vet all the time.

An Award!

Thanks muchly to Team Tabby for the wonderful award. I guess we have to list 6 things that make us happy and tag 6 blogs with their award.

With soooo many cats I will pick a couple to list their favorite things:

Tabitha loves

1. Food of any sort...treats, smelly goodness...everything.
2. Boxes to hide out in.
3. Being petted and loved.
4. Birdwatching through the window.
5. Playing with the laser light toy.
6. When Al is asleep...cuz he picks on her and this is her time to come out and play.

Sweetpea's favorite things are...

1. Sleeping in the sun or on the heater.
2. Catnip
3. Playing with the feather toy on a string.
4. Chase after the other cats even tho they are bigger than her.
5. Climbing up into the Christmas tree and sleeping in the branches (too bad the tree is only out for a few weeks!)
6. Climbing up on high places like the fireplace mantle for a nap!

I would like to tag the following blogs with this award (again my computer refuses to link up the blogs!!! anybody have any suggestions for this?)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Darby's Thanks!

Wow I am pooped after the wild Gotcha Day party and St Pat's on top of that!!! Gonna rest up today but I want to thank you all for coming to the party and for all the gotcha day wishes. This was my first one on CB and it was real fun! Hope everyone had a good time. All my brothers and sisters loved meeting you all. They can't wait for their Gotcha Day parties!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day to Darby!

Darby was "got" on St. Patrick's Day 8 years ago so that makes her 9 this year. Here is a photo of what she looked like shortly after she was "got"!

Gonna be a big party with cake, treats and lots of toys! Happy St. Pat's to everyone too!

Her story is posted below if you want to know all the details....

Darby's Gotcha Day Celebration and St. Pat's Day!

Today is Darby's 9th Gotcha Day (Thanks to Zoolatry for the graphic) and we figure she is 10 years old this year. We discovered her living under our house one winter after neighbors' asked if we had a new cat. She was very wild and tiny. We set a trap to catch her on St. Pat's Day with all three of our other cats supervising. She came in willingly enough but taming her was a long ordeal and worth every minute. (Read her story here) She is very personable - loves to be with Mom whether on the computer, watching TV and just reading on the sofa. She is still tiny - about 6 pounds but very formidable!

We are celebrating St Pat's as well as Darby's day so enjoy the treats...

some wheat grass - especially yummy for those indoor only cats like us...
green frog catnip toys for all, in honor of the day....

For the beans we have lots of green goodies - pizza, beer and cupcakes for all! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
UPDATE......we were just told Minnie won Second Place in Brian's Home's St Pat's contest for Best Use of Green. Mom used her winning photo on her other blog here. Check out all the other winners at Brian's!



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