Monday, July 20, 2015

Mancats on Monday

Mr Kitty here today.  We have been having a heat wave since June - most places in the 90s but we have been in the upper 80s instead cuz we are in the mountains.  Still hot.  I like it hot since I come from Massachusetts so I beg to go out on the porch and just bake in the sun. I lay sprawled out like a beached whale soaking up the sun! The humans won't let me stay out there except for early morning and later in the day so I don't overdo it. 

Two Spot is out in the cat house and it is warmer there - it is built into the hillside so is cool in the indoor room and the porch is shaded with lots of fans.  Most days it is only 80 degrees out there.  If anyone looks too hot then the beans wet them down with cold water.  Al likes that!

Only loves the heat and lays out on the screen porch of the cat house in a stupor and he is in his glory!  Of course he doesn't mind getting wiped down with cold water either!

Norm or Normy as the beans call him is a shy guy and keeps to himself unless he is with Snowball who he adores! (I am not sure what THAT is all about.)  He comes out to the porch during the cooler parts of the day.

 Now Woody shares life in the house with me.  Even tho he is a youngster at nine compared to the rest of us 15 plus year olds, he was brought in due to Al bullying him in the cat house.  He lives the life of Reilly now so he is the one who lucked out!

Snowball is the head honcho of the cat house and he knows it.  He and Al go at it a lot since Al thinks he is the head cat.  Al has his own room within a room out there but in the hot weather, the beans have kept Al's room open for anyone to come in and for Al to go where he wants.  So far they have been pretty peaceful.  The heat is enough to keep everyone's minds occupied elsewhere.

And then there is Sam.  He is the only one with a tipped ear.  He looked so much like Georgie and Norm that no one could tell him apart so the beans had the vet tip his ear when he was neutered.  He is the most reclusive one - is never out, always hiding in a box, cabinet or under a chair. He comes out for food - thus this shot!  If the beans can get their hands on him (when he is out eating) he loves petting.  Go figure!

And last but never least is our Al.  He is a charmer with the humans but a bully with the cats.  With his long furs he is minding the heat more than the others and loves to be wetted down - really soaked.  He has been very mellow too lately - maybe as he gets older he is finally chilling out.

Hope you have enjoyed this visit with all our mancats.  Maybe next week we can feature the ladycats.  Hint...hint.  *wink, wink*

P.S. For those of you not on Facebook, Georgie had to spend a day and overnight at the ER vet this weekend due to being severely constipated and blocked.  After several enemas, they got her opened up.  Being diabetic this is more challenging because she was vomiting and not eating.  The humans will now be vigilant in keeping an eye on her input and output -  when she uses the litter box, giving her lots of Miralx and making sure she eats plenty of food.  It is a challenge to monitor her this way with all of us to care for too.

With all of the huge vet bills we have accumulated for Georgie over the past month or so, we will be hosting an auction within the next few weeks (will keep you posted) and also have added a Wish List on Amazon for our essentials like food and medications.  Check it out and please share!



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