Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun Friday - Experimenting with "Breading"!

Me Chica wearing a slice....
Chica reporting today...Some people put cute dresses on their cats or holiday Santa hats or bunny ears or even Halloween costumes for photo ops.  There is a new fad online using a slice of bread with the middle cut out to put over a cat's face.  Ideally you want it behind the ears so it looks like a lion's mane but any others way is good too.

Yoko gives Mom the raspberry for her efforts!

Most of us won't tolerate any item on us, be it clothing or bread, but Mom was able to get a few of our mellower kitties to pose for our "breading"  pics.  You may have seen breading cats on LOL cats and on Facebook,  South Park had a whole episode on it recently.  Nothing trick about it - it is really not hard to do.  Even Ivy let Mom put a slice of bread on her showing the many ways to wear the slice!

Ivy demonstrating another style..

Ivy using one ear....

No cats were harmed for this post...just a little irritated!  We even got to nom a few bites of the bread too.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Up with the Whitsters?

 Hey everybody, it's me Only,  napping with my sister Smidge.  We have had some warm weather the last few days so our screen porch is kinda warm.  Night are still cool so Mom hasn't taken down the covers just yet.  We get the fans on and the panels that open are open all day!  Not bad really! Lots to see with the birds, voles and crawly things.

 Snowball here - let me sleep Mom - it's too hot and I just wanna nap!

 I am Two Spot and I love the weather - never too hot or cold for me.  Mom hasn't posted about us in a while cuz she has her hands full with Chica.  She's OK but needs sub q fluids more often and the beans have been trying to do it themselves.  Not working so well.  Chica's a fighter!  I guess I'd be too.  I can't sit still EVER so giving me something would be impossible!!!

 Me,  ***ahem*** hey I'm Norm.  I am kinda quiet and reclusive - I just like my privacy is all.  I prefer to be alone unless it's my buddy Snowball.  I love Snowball...I mean I like Snowball.  I said like didn't I?  I'm going back under the chair now Mom.

Hey ya'll I'm Lily, the mother of all these jokers!  I understand about wanting some alone time...I don't get that much. It's Mom can I this...Mom so and so won't let me do!  I love to mush up with Mom and Pop and sit next to them.  I can be a real mushball most of the time but that is just me.  Now that we are all caught up - just have a great day everybody!  See ya next time.



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