Monday, September 28, 2015

Belated Gotcha Day for Mamacita and Rosa

Oops, Mom forgot our Gotcha Day yesterday!  Oh well.  It was a hard day anyway since it was two months since Ivy went to the Bridge. We can forgive Mom that slip.  We know she will make up for it with lots of love and treats today.


 It has been a whole ten years since Mom rescued us from her yard when I was about six months and Rosa was  a tiny kitten with her brother Angel Manny.  Both kittens had URIs and were very sick so Mom trapped all three of us at once.  She inadvertently caught Ivy a few weeks before that  but decided to keep her inside too.

 We are very shy kitties but have come a long way.  I will sit on the sofa next to Mom or Pop and let them love me up...but don't try to pick me up or put both hands on me at once..I will run away so fast!  Rosa loves to be petted but she won't sit next to them like I do. She gets overstimulated quickly and ends up whapping me or anyone else around and then running of!

Mamacita and Mr Kitty
I have kind of taking a liking to Mr. Kitty -  he is a plus sized cat like I am and very handsome.  He likes to sit next to Pop too so we both get lots of loving and enjoy that time together.  Thanks in advance for all our good wishes .  We look forward to many more Gotcha Days!

Mom Cheri here with updates on the cats - Minnie is holding her own but continues to fight us when we give sub c fluids.  We ordered a harness to hold the needle in place and give fluids while she walks around - will let you know how that works.  She also is not eating consistently - never mind the rx food!  I have found a liquid supplement for picky senior kitties that she likes and also a gel with high calories.  These both seem to help her  hold her weight.

Al's eye is not better altho it does not seem to bother him.  His third eyelid shows.  It does seem to be neurological and time will tell if it gets better.  Mr Kitty is getting used to his thyroid meds (herbs) twice daily.  Georgie is off her food again so I am making sure she eats by giving her food when the others are not around so I know she eats it.

The weather is not helping my mood these days - altho we need the rain, it has been damp, foggy and rainy for five days now with the rest of the week the same.  Thanks for thinking of us and  for the good wishes Mamacita and Rosa. 



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